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With all the variety of pillows, we choose the best for ourselves, which will later become beloved and unique. The main task is not to get confused about the variety of pillows. In this article, we will consider different pillows and their advantages.

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Types and Features of Down Pillows

They can be made of feather of such birds as a goose, duck, as well as swan. There are also products with fillers from the camel and goat down.

Today, down pillows occupy a significant part of the market. They are presented in a variety of sizes and shapes. You can find both universal models for adults, pregnant women, and the best down pillows for children. They can be made of feather of such birds as a goose, duck, as well as swan. There are also products with fillers from the camel and goat down.

Natural Down Description

Eiderdown is the most expensive of them and is very rare. Gaga is one of the species of diving ducks that live in the tundra and the Arctic coasts, in rather severe climatic conditions. Its fluff has no weight and can warm even in case of the most severe frost. It is collected manually in the nests of the eider, so it is exclusive and rare.

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Goose down is softer, firmer, and more elastic than down from the duck. It has higher thermal insulation properties. And it serves much longer.

Down Pillow Service Life

Service life depends on its content. According to, the average is five years. But if you take proper care of it, then it can last up to 15-20 years. Do not forget that during the use, it is recommended to dry the products periodically since they absorb moisture.

Advantages of Down Pillows

Bird fluff refers to natural materials of animal origin. All of its qualities are created by nature. The pros include the following:

  • They are soft and pleasant to the touch.
  • They have high thermal insulation. This is because the down has small air spaces that allow air to circulate freely inside the product, providing excellent thermal conductivity.
  • They are highly hygroscopic. The peculiarity of down is its ability to perfectly absorb the moisture that is released by a person during sleep, helping it to evaporate back into the air.
  • Resilience and elasticity. Unlike synthetic fillers, fluff does not get lumpy. Thanks to these features, products easily take the shape of the head.
  • Ease. Down products are the lightest of all manufactured pillows. The weight of a standard pillow with a size of 20 by 27 inches is 1.1 lbs, making it convenient to transport and store.
  • It does not provide any noise, unlike feather pillows.
  • The service life of such pillows is up to five years. Comparing to other fillers, this is a rather long period. In many respects, the service life depends on the quality of the fluff used and proper care.