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Draco Begins Pre-Sale Launch on November 29 and Promises Exclusive Experiences for Its Holders

On top of 10,000 tokens available, 200 Draco tokens will be reserved by the team for the community rewards and event activations.

Adorable fire-breathing Dracos in 3D are coming to the metaverse this November 29, with 10,000 distinct randomly generated non-fungible tokens (NFTs) available for minting. With the ever-increasing number of emerging communities currently overwhelming the blockchain, it is worth mentioning that Draco is a one-of-a-kind opportunity that brings with it a whole lot of exclusive surprises for future holders. While it has yet to prove itself to the rest of the communities and countless investors active in the blockchain, there is no doubt that it will not succeed as the team behind the NFT are determined to see it take off and meet its goals.

Potential holders and interested investors would be glad to know that Draco is giving ownership and commercial usage rights to all its holders. This simply means that they have the freedom to do whatever they wish with their tokens in the future, including selling them when the time is right. In the spirit of fair launching and fair distribution, the team behind the community is minting the token for 0.09 ETH each.

On top of 10,000 tokens available, 200 Draco tokens will be reserved by the team for the community rewards and event activations. During the pre-sale, exclusive members will each be able to mint a maximum of two Dracos per wallet. The pre-sale will only be limited to 1,500 members, and only a maximum of 3,000 Dracos will be made available at that time. The public launch, however, is expected to be overwhelming as 7,000 tokens will be released for minting. Each transaction during this phase will be limited to 20 Dracos in order to maintain lower gas fees and to give everyone in the community a fair chance to own a Draco NFT. The public launch is happening on December 1.

On top of 10,000 tokens available, 200 Draco tokens will be reserved by the team for the community rewards and event activations.

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Draco has an interesting history. One day, in a world known as Cledo, a large and shiny egg tumbles down its busy streets. Along Orchard Park, the egg eventually slams into the wall of a skyscraper, cracking it open. It reveals a cute and lovable baby dragon known as Draco. Draco emerges from its Akkadian egg, unaware of its surroundings and the futuristic era it is in. It slowly leaves its eggshell and starts to explore the world around him. Curious and not knowing what else to do, the little dragon starts to walk around Cledo, which signals the beginning of its new adventure.

The adorable Draco NFT designs are anything but substandard. They are carefully crafted 3D designs that include extremely rare elements and special graphics. In total, there are 150 traits available for holders and collectors alike to enjoy. The Dracos come in different skin types and colors, including grey, brown, white, Zebra stripes, and fluffy-haired like a Shitzu. Interestingly, the tokens also come with various accessories, including hats, necklaces, and eyewear. One Draco has a laser beam coming out of its eyes and yet another one with a pacifier in its mouth. A romantic Draco is also in play as it holds a single-stemmed rose in its mouth.

To add value to the experience of all its potential holders, the Draco team is committed to upholding transparency in everything. All the royalties that will be collected will be invested in the community for unique and exciting perks. As the community grows over time, holders will also see a leveling up in rewards and exclusive deals. Prizes will be made available via airdrops, sneak peeks, exclusive merchandise, and special giveaways. One of the goals is to give back to the community that is expected to extend great support throughout the growth process.

The future is looking very bright for Draco as its creators plan to introduce new collections with brand new characters in the future. With the release of new collections will come a strategic RPG game that will combine rogue-like and tabletop elements in treacherous PVE and PVP environments.-

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

Learn more about Draco by visiting its website. Follow the community’s Twitter and Instagram accounts for updates on its latest projects.