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Driver Ape Racing Club

Driver Ape Racing Club (DARC) is coming to the Solana blockchain, and it is giving racing lovers a platform and access to the biggest racing events to be held in the metaverse. The collection features 7,777 alien evolved apes that are obsessed with racing and fast cars.

DARC is the world’s first high-utility NFT that provides holders with access to some of the most prestigious car races globally. In addition, the collection is launching the first racing club in the metaverse, and each token will grant holders with exclusive passes to events, including karting tournaments, immersive events in the racing world, and many other exciting gatherings. DARC aims to unite the spirit car enthusiasts share by giving them a platform that merges the physical world and the metaverse, therefore allowing them to take their passion for car racing into today’s biggest digital endeavor.

DARC is backed by a unique fictional story of driver apes originating from another galaxy. After lengthy studies, they noticed that the earth was the most welcoming of all planets for racing. Every ape is born with a racing helmet and needs lightning in order to mature and reach its full potential. As they enter the Solana blockchain, the racer apes aim to bring racers and more NFT enthusiasts into the metaverse.

DARC is backed by a unique fictional story of driver apes originating from another galaxy.

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Furthermore, DARC will be releasing 200 golden helmets into the digital space every year to allow holders to enjoy an entire weekend at the highly-anticipated DARC karting tournament that will take place in one of the five largest go-karting circuits in the world.

Asked why they chose apes as their main character, the founders revealed that they had been huge fans of Saga: Planet of the Apes and the clothing brand Bape for as long as they could remember. “It is so well said: men are descended from apes. So it is quite natural that we turn to them to write the future of humanity,” they shared. With the ape as the face of the brand, DARC aims to stake its claim in the NFT landscape and the racing world as a leader and assets that are prepared to embrace and own changes as they come.

On top of its solid NFT collection, DARC’s marketing efforts are also geared to attract prominent groups in the real world. The marketing strategy is rooted in partnerships with ten of the biggest car groups and car influencers across the globe. With this, the founders are confident that the NFTs will be a complete game-changer in the Solana blockchain.

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While there are some who speculate the legitimacy of the project, DARC ensures investors that they are worthy of their trust. Even before launching, the NFT collection’s Discord server is already filled with over 2,730 members. Once the Discord reaches 20,000, members will be given a chance to receive VIP access and the right to join the official pre-sale. The date is yet to be revealed by the founders.

Learn more about DARC on its website and join its Discord server for more updates.