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Online freelancers who post jobs as virtual assistants, content writers, graphic designers, amongst others, have proven how reliable online jobs are. Some earn from cryptocurrencies that requires both one's expertise and online presence too. But wait, yes, there's a lot more than one can ever imagine.


Some people may doubt those who are earning online. However, there have been thousands of success stories of people who make money with their laptops, the internet, and their abilities. They may already sound amusing considering what others call "convenience" but what if there are "surprising" ways for you to earn money online? Allow us to surprise you with the following:

  1. Playing  Online Games

The best online blackjack app will let you earn some real money on your mobile devices or your computer when you fund it using your preferred methods from credit card, online banking or bank transfer.

There are different types of online games that you can try. Particularly look for those that can give you potential earnings through live streaming, selling gaming items, and others. But if you've been playing blackjack in casinos and aced it for money, you may get the same level of fun and cash online wherever you are. Well, you better improve your level in gaming since there are certain areas you need to master to make sure you're in it to win it.

The best online blackjack app will let you earn some real money on your mobile devices or your computer when you fund it using your preferred methods from credit card, online banking or bank transfer. See to it that your bank does not have restrictions with such types of transactions.

What's the catch? You have to make sure that you only affiliate with the trusted developers, so your funds don't go to waste.

  1. Writing Greeting Cards.

Creativity, when utilized properly, will get you a few bucks richer particularly writing greeting cards. And yes, this is now available online. Many card creators welcome creatively written greetings through poetry or prose for special occasions or even those that speak of deep emotions and humor, too.

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Expressing your deepest thoughts and emotions these days whisked with creativity may already let you earn at least $50-$300 for every approved submission. Those times when you stare out in the open and thought about typing those ideas and feelings may already become a reality and money too.

  1. Design Stickers.

If you've always designed cute little stuff online using your applications, you may already making money out of them. Art may already be sold online! All you have to do is submit them to print-on-demand websites that offer stickers and they'll take care of the rest of the transactions. Each sticker sold with the price you gave is yours. Definitely no hassle in terms of marketing. They got you!

  1. Join Video Game Tournaments.

This may have become an addiction to many, but to some, this is business. Video games may be addictive for the sake of levelling up a character or improving your ranks, but it also pays money.

Games like Call of Duty, League of Legends or DOTA with tournaments will get you a couple of bucks richer too! You have to do what you're doing with your characters - build them up, make them strong and you're off to winning tournaments.

  1. Farm Characters.

If you're not a gamer, you'll probably find this funny, but no, this doesn't talk about the "farming" in the old "farming games" when you have to plant and take care of animals to gain some coins and be able to shop for stuff for your "farm."

Farming for characters in this context means nurturing a mobile game character, making sure they're strong enough and then sell them for real money. Yes, that is definitely possible. You enjoy playing, gain friends, your ego gets boosted for levelling up plus you get to earn some real cash.

So you're probably smiling right now. You find it funny that all this stuff has always been part of your online routine or hobbies, and yet you haven't thought of making money out of them. You probably even thought that playing blackjack for real money was only in casinos. But in truth, you may already take it, play it and get some real cash from it wherever you go. The usual time you spent and your hobbies may already get you a few bucks richer. Well, now, you know.