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Entrepreneur LOOPOO

The young generation has big aspirations and desires. They want to live a better life than their elderly without dealing with the financial burden. Hence, there are so many entrepreneurs around. Tim, aka LOOPOO, a 19-year-old West-French entrepreneur, is someone who has changed his life for the better.

The 19-year-old West-French entrepreneur runs several companies. Tim's growing work has been conquering the marketing sector for the previous two years. It often takes years for someone to achieve the kind of success he's witnessing at such a young age. Hence, he is an inspiration to people of his age group.

When asked what message he would like to give to his peers who also want to run their own ventures, LOOPOO says, "If you want to run your business, find your niche. It is important to know what your area of interest is, what you're good at and if the business is profitable or not. Sometimes, our likes may not be enough to pay the bills. So choose a business that has something to do with your interests. Secondly, keep in mind that your dreams are real. Don't take advice from people who have no experience in the business sector. Embrace failure and keep working hard till you reach your goals and so on."

Tim, aka LOOPOO, is also in charge of a team in Malta that has contributed significantly to his success. On social media, especially Instagram, he has over 61k followers. Millions of people have viewed his videos, streams, tweets, and other internet content.

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About his future plans, entrepreneur Tim aka LOOPOO, says, "I want to keep exploring different fields like I love to explore the world. I want to keep working and grow as much as I can. I want my business to go international in the coming years. in the future, that will make you hear my name better than ever," Tim says."