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Obaid Belresheed

Obaid Belresheed

Education is a primary driver of individual, national and international development for any country. And what holds the pillars of education intact so that students stay interested in learning is infrastructure. Multi-billionaire entrepreneur Obaid Ali Belresheed shares valid points on why it's crucial to invest in education setup and development.

Infrastructure – the bridge to quality education

There's enough empirical evidence that corroborates the direct relationship between infrastructure and academic performance. Obaid Belresheed further elaborates, "Investment in educational infrastructure creates a conducive environment for learning. It sets the stage for the development of quality education. It, in turn, improves the economic performance of countries when those learned students grow up to become responsible entrepreneurs, doctors, IT professionals and so on."

Two parts of the same thing

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For any school or university, its infrastructure, design, and daily management is critical in enabling it to deliver enhanced academic outcomes.

For any school or university, its infrastructure, design, and daily management is critical in enabling it to deliver enhanced academic outcomes. Belresheed shares, "Education and infrastructure are like the two sides of the same coin. Buildings, classrooms, and labs that make up the educational institute's infrastructure are key elements for propagating positive learning environments in schools and universities." There is enough evidence to prove that high-quality infrastructure facilitates better learning, makes students more receptive, improves students' academic and overall performance, and decreases dropout levels.

Several studies show that an educational institute's physical condition has a great impact on the institution's admission rates and students' attendance levels. Belresheed also points to the fact that good infrastructure keeps teachers highly motivated. So teachers don't bail out, and the institution doesn't lose out on good teachers. Belresheed says, "Why would a good teacher want to go to a school where there's no proper infrastructure? She will simply look away and knock on the door of some other institution in another country or region."

Digital infrastructure

Along with physical infrastructure, digital infrastructure has also become important. Now more than ever, considering the coronavirus-led pandemic where parents are wary of sending their students to schools. Belresheed shares, "It's time to look at it from a holistic angle. Apart from investing in physical structures, it's important to lay the foundation for a through-and-through digital learning ecosystem. There are a lot of advantages here. For instance, the money spent on one printed book can be used to publish four or more digital books. Besides, online lectures will help students to study remotely. It's also cost-effective. So incorporating the digital ecosystem within the physical infrastructure is going to be the way forward. And it all starts with investment."

Obaid Ali Belresheed is a multi-billionaire Emirati businessman and the founder of the Belresheed group. The Belresheed Real Estate Company, which was established in 1993, is now one of the leading real estate companies owning more than 82 properties. Belresheed, through his excellence and integrity, has branched into almost all industries worldwide. He credits his commitment to serving humanity as the key to his success.