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“I am committed to empowering women across the Middle East with resources, growth opportunities, and support”

The playing field is being leveled by the day. Women are becoming more and more enthusiastic about finding, defining, and substantiating their identity as forces to reckon within the business world. As new areas of expression and challenges open up, women often find other women holding these new doors open for them. Somayeh Norouzi, a renowned businesswoman and entrepreneur, is one such woman. She is committed to empowering women across the Middle-East and beyond with resources, growth opportunities, and much needed support.

Somayeh has been a proponent of gender equality for a long time and is committed to expanding women’s power and influence in the Middle East.

Somayeh has been a proponent of gender equality for a long time and is committed to expanding women’s power and influence in the Middle East. Her goal is to create new pathways into industries like technology, media, and public office that will open more entry points for women from all backgrounds. She’s more than prepared to make her dream the future of many women. She has set up a three-step approach to her goal that will start with dismantling the barriers to women’s professional advancement. Next would be fast-tracking women in sectors with an outsized impact on our society. Third by mobilizing shareholders, consumers, and employees to amplify external pressure on companies and organizations in need of reform.

She owes her success in business in part to her ability to understand how economies of different nations interact. This intuitive and knowledge-backed approach to business helped Somayeh make the financial crisis of September 2009 less bleak. She extended her financial expertise to real estate and invested heavily in residential properties in the UAE. She dealt successfully with the acquisition, and subsequent management and operation of these projects, to successfully converting them into sales. Today she is an investor partner with Multibank. She has even authored a book titled ‘The Success Vitamins,” in which she shares critical success factors for personal growth and moving ahead to achieve your best life.

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Somayeh was born in Qatar and grew up in Australia and the UAE. She entered the family business when it was not common or socially acceptable for women to work in business or otherwise. She took a genuine interest in investment by pouring over books, magazines, and newspaper articles to upgrade her knowledge and skillset. Today Somayeh is regarded as one of the most influential and fashionable businesswomen in the UAE. She has established herself as noteworthy and widely successful entrepreneurial figure.

Somayeh has been an active participant and astute witness to the positive changes and improvements that women can bring to the work table. With their ability to foresee potential ups and downs and deal with them objectively and carefully, Somayeh believes that women are the change the business world needs right now.