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Entrepreneurial Journey

Most women often follow a stereotyped lifestyle and they easily give up on their dreams. Only a few women manage to reflect on their passion and follow their unique dreams to accomplish something big in life. Ni’anah is a 22-year-old woman who is setting her own standards in life.

Born on 5 February 1999 in Miami, the United States of America, Ni’anah is a fashion designer and entrepreneur who runs her own boutique, Ape District. She has been following her entrepreneurial journey for almost a decade. 

It simply reflects how passionate Ni’anah is about her work and how effectively she follows her passion in life. Through her online boutique, Ni’anah sells many different types of stylish items including sportswear, workout gear, and accessories. 

Ni’anah had a networth of about $1.15 million dollars in 2020. And it includes all her assets, money, and income. With her hard work, she has accomplished a good fortune but still she leads a modest lifestyle.

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Ni’anah has a bold personality with a height 5’10’’ with a weight of 155lbs. She has body measurements 32-24-27 inches with light brown hair and dark brown hair. The entrepreneur wants to inspire everyone to wear a confident smile and feel deeply enthusiastic about their life. 


Embarking on an entrepreneurial journey for around 10 years is not an easy task. Ni’anah has done it successfully because she possesses what it takes to succeed in the entrepreneurial world. 

Her life story is an inspiration and symbol of hope for every woman. Ni’anah is seeing a hike in her social media personality and she is leaving a strong message with her life. 

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