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Environmental Impact of Your Gaming Hobby

All of these screens use a great deal of electricity, even on standby

As hobbies go, gaming might seem like a pretty low impact one. While in some instances that is the case, with the release of sophisticated (and power-hungry) consoles, the concept of package gaming holidays, and cloud-based gaming, gaming's carbon footprint is on the rise.

If you're keen to do your bit for the environment but don't want to give up gaming altogether, you don't have to. All you need to do to reduce the impact of your gaming hobby is read the following tips and act accordingly.

Turn That Switch Off!

Most of us will look at the eco-credentials of the house we decide to rent, the car we drive, and even the big appliances that we buy, but almost none of us have any idea about the electricity our games console uses.

Despite their small size, compared to your washing machine or car, games consoles are real energy guzzlers.

Despite their small size, compared to your washing machine or car, games consoles are real energy guzzlers. There are a lot of complex processes that go on in that little box, you only have to feel the heat coming off them or listen to the fans whirring to work that out!

The other big energy guzzler to take into account is the screen that you play video games on. Large, HD televisions use plenty of juice too, so, if you want to really cut down then consider limiting the time you play to an hour per day. The chances are you'll be much more productive and you'll end up with a lower electricity bill.

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If you can't bear the thought of that then one simple change you can make is to turn both the console and the television off at the wall once you're finished. Both appliances use electricity whilst sat on standby and that is just a waste.

Take It Online

Over the past couple of years, many organizations have put a lot of resources into making online alternatives to real-world experiences. The online casino industry was one of the forerunners of this movement, using state-of-the-art technology to make live dealer casinos possible.

In 2021, it's now possible to experience Las Vegas without leaving your living room, just by playing Online Casino Games. Using a little ingenuity and taking your casino action online will not only save you a great deal of money on plane tickets, it can also dramatically reduce your impact on the environment too.

Traveling to Vegas, even from LA, is a big deal. Cars use lots of gas and produce chemicals that are disastrous for the environment. Nobody should have to stop taking vacations entirely, but next time you want to head to Vegas for the weekend, consider the environmental impact and maybe take it online this time.

If your heart is set on having that complete Vegas experience though, there is something else you can do...

Carbon Offset What You Can

Both of the suggestions so far have required some sacrifice on your part. Some people just want to enjoy themselves and that is fine - there are still ways that you can be accountable for your carbon footprint.

Carbon offsetting is an idea that has gained a great deal of traction over the past decade. Companies set up ways to sequester carbon in the environment, and whilst this idea alone might not save us, it is still a simple way to offset some of your environmental impact - as long as your pockets are deep enough!