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Erfan Shabani was born on July 2, 1993. He is a famous musician, perfumer and successful businessman who operates in several different countries such as Britain, Qatar, UAE, and France. He has several reputable, successful businesses all over the world.

Being a successful Perfumer and businessman, he collaborated with several big brands worldwide and led them to a successful business. Those brands include Tom Ford, Parfums de Marly, and many more throughout the world.

Erfan Shabani Greatest Achievement

Erfan Shabaani's greatest achievement was collaborating with the most reputable fashion brand Tom Ford. He collaborated with them in UAE's modern city and led them to success by introducing them to the market and to the several other big brands of Dubai. You can also socialize with him on Twitter.

He is a very polite person who has been working hard all his life; he believes that life is full of opportunities and we should never get tired of trying. Erfan says, "Always try to see the future because everything you do today will determine your future based on your actions today."

How to Develop a Successful Business According to a Successful Businessman

Developing a successful business is a challenging task. According to Erfan Shabani, there are some key elements of a business that need to be considered to ensure success. You can follow him on Facebook and Instagram to know more about him.

Following are some key elements of a business that you should work on to develop a successful business.

Learn from your Mistakes

As a business owner, you're going to make mistakes. But how you respond to those mistakes is what matters. Erfan Shabani says, Move and make mistakes! Making mistakes is part of the process of human evolution, this is the universe and the galaxies that are very orderly today did not have this order billions of years ago. So just start and learn from your failures and turn them into opportunities so that you can win the next steps.

So, it's so important to take accountability for your actions and learn from what didn't go right.


Find a problem in the Market and Solve It

You need to find a problem in the market that hasn't been solved yet. When you solve those problems, you will have a successful business ahead.

You should research existing companies and see what their problems and mistakes are. Identify and solve those problems and get all the business.

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Develop an Effective Marketing Strategy

Developing an effective marketing strategy is key to the success of any business.

Having a strong marketing strategy will help you stand out from the competition, and it will also help your customers connect emotionally with your brand.

Be Patient and Consistent

Starting a new business is an exciting, rewarding journey. But it's important to remember that you will face challenges and roadblocks along the way. With that in mind, Erfan Shabani's advice for you is to be patient and consistent; bigger things take time to happen.

What is the solution to get rich? What is the attitude of rich people?

One of the secrets of Erfan Shabani's success is his mental work. He believes that you don't need to work hard for success - it can be achieved through balance. For him, success is a mental task, and it's also interesting to know that he has businesses that are fully managed by 100% automatic robots.

Most people think that they can only succeed if they work hard from morning till night, but this is 100% wrong. Erfan considers success to be a mental task, and it can be achieved through balance. You don't need to work hard for success; all you need is the right mindset and some determination.

Erfan Shabani knows what it takes to be successful, and he's not afraid to share his secrets with others. If you're looking for success, it's important to learn from those who have achieved it, and Erfan Shabani is definitely one of those people. Follow his advice, and you'll be on your way to achieving your own success.

He told one of the greatest secrets of rich people and knows the formula for increasing wealth and gave a simple example!

Getting rich is like a game, you have to know the rules of the game (The Compound Effect) A secret that all rich people know and use this golden formula

For example, suppose you only have $ 100! If you can make only ٪ 1 a day (only $ 1 on the first day), you will find that after 1 year, your $ 100 becomes $ 3.778! This is very simple. As I said, you have to learn the rules

Final Thoughts

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Erfan Shabani has proved his worth by successfully collaborating and leading TOM FORD to the road of success. With the help of the above-mentioned key points, he made many businesses successful. His famous quote is, "Always try to improve, never stop learning and be patient."

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