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Eric Paskin

Substance abuse and drug addiction have long been a leading cause for concern in the United States. Never has the need for drug and alcohol addiction treatment been higher than today. The stress induced by the COVID stay-at-home policies and lockdowns has in fact increased the use of alcohol and substance abuse. Hence the growing demand for rehabilitation centers.

Insider knowledge and personal experience, reinforced by the sense of calling, are the best prerequisites for a successful undertaking. Unlike former athletes who have made it through many years of rigorous training to become great coaches or servicemen who weathered the years of demanding military service to become the best drill sergeants, former addicts—be it alcohol, drugs, or substance abuse—rarely manage to break away from their past to emerge as helpers. Eric Paskin managed to escape the toxic clutch of drugs, and reemerge as a founder of Restore Health + Wellness Center, a premier addiction rehabilitation facility located in Los Angeles, California. He knows firsthand about addiction, having battled with it much of his life and gone through the recovery process. The years of painful struggle coupled with the growing sense of calling to help those in need have resulted in what is now one of the best rehab centers in Southern California. 

Insider knowledge and personal experience, reinforced by the sense of calling, are the best prerequisites for a successful undertaking.

Nothing is more compelling than a personal experience. “I think what’s kept me successful as an entrepreneur and in a helping profession, is that I can tap into where people are at when dealing with addiction because I’ve been there. But I also learned how to connect and communicate the effectiveness of recovery to those who can’t see a way out when they’re in the thick of it. I always say you can’t see the picture if you’re part of the frame,” shares Eric.

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“I don’t believe that there are any magical words of wisdom I can impart on anyone. I think that people struggling with addiction shouldn’t give up no matter how hard stopping seems, it’s possible to stop and change the quality and the conditions of their lives. I’m living proof that it’s possible and there are millions of others who have managed to create incredible lives that once seemed like fairy tales,” he adds.

The process of rehabilitation is very individualized since some people have a longer detoxification process, some need less time to detox depending on the type of substances they’ve used, and some don’t require detoxing at all. Before embarking on a recovery program, each client undergoes a thorough biological, psychological, and social assessment. As a result, treatment is tailored to meet individual needs based on that assessment. Each patient is prescribed a licensed addiction recovery program that provides lifelong sobriety free from physical symptoms associated with drug and alcohol withdrawal and improves clients’ mental and emotional well-being.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

“My plan for the center is to continue expressing love and offering treatment to people seeking it. I believe if you keep your mission first and foremost, the business will take care of itself—so as long as we keep providing effective care and our hearts are in it, I can’t ask for anything else more than that,” speaks Eric of his Center’s future plans.