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A meeting that heralds big changes in the field of network marketing. Two whales of this sphere - Eric Worre IG @ericworre and Nazar Babenko IG: @nazar_8888_ - appeared in joint photographs on the network, which could not but cause a public outcry from everyone who follows the financial and cryptocurrency markets (and this, for a second, is a multi-million audience around the world).

Explaining for those who may not be in the subject. Eric Worre IG @ericworre has been one of the powerful leaders in network marketing for over 25 years. During this time, he has built a network of more than 500,000 distributors in 60 countries around the world, and needs no further introduction.

Nazar Babenko IG: @nazar_8888_ is a person who in just a few years has already built up a million partners around the world, has assembled one of the most professional and successful teams of traders and analysts around the world. That is actively confirmed by world-famous rating agencies, regularly and quite deservedly publishing them in their tops.

The international company Danvel, whose board of directors includes Nazar Babenko IG: @nazar_8888_ and Igor Kotov IG: @igor_kotov, showed incredible results in terms of the number of networkers in China. The turnover of the company's traders over the past few years has left many of Wall Street far behind.

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Therefore, it is not surprising that users of social networks began to actively comment on the meeting between Eric Worre IG @ericworre and Nazar Babenko IG: @nazar_8888_. It seems that the large Danvel community is preparing to please with good news as early as 2023. After all, there have been rumors among traders for a long time that the company is actively entering the IPO. If this is true, not only Wall Street will benefit, but the entire global economy, because Danvel traders turn over a huge share of the money of the entire Chinese elite.

It remains to be seen what the cooperation of such a marketing giant with Eric Worre IG @ericworre will bring.