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The Effects Too Much Screen Time Has on Your Health

Uday Tank: A large population of people who spend hours of their productive time on screen time remain oblivious to the damaging effects too much screen time has on their health.

Undeniably, technological advancements have witnessed an extreme acceleration over the last few decades. By implication, an average adult or teenager in today's modern society has access to at least an electronic device; ranging from a smartphone/tablet, television, to computers/laptops etc. The average man in this contemporary age has grown addicted to certain technological gadgets especially the audio-visual technology. Addiction to mobile phones is no longer a surprising information.

excessive screen time

A large population of people who spend hours of their productive time on screen time remain oblivious to the damaging effects too much screen time has on their health.

However, what remains absurdly astonishing is the fact that a large population of people who spend hours of their productive time on screen time remain oblivious to the damaging effects too much screen time has on their health. Hence, in a bid to sensitize this issue, we have compiled below a number of health effects associated with excessive screen time.

The Harmful Effects of Too Much Screen Time on Your Health

A significant number of research results all have converging points that underscore these negative effects of excessive screen time:

  • Violent Tendencies: The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry explains that children, when exposed to violent TV contents, music, and even video games, may become insensitive to it. Thus, the effect is that such children may begin to model the violence they have watched on TV, especially to solve their issues.
  • Visual Impairment: studies have revealed that excessive screen time for long periods of time may affect the visual sense. This is knowing as "computer vision syndrome". The symptoms are blurred vision, headaches, dry eyes and straining.
  • Cognitive Problems: a number of cognitive studies have found out that children who have the habit of too much screen time often experience impaired cognitive functions. It reduces their academic performances and mental productivity. Luckily for them, though, science and technology has also been able to provide solutions to their challenges in the forms of products like CBD gummies, CBD oils, and other CBD-infused products.
  • Obesity: excessive screen time has been identified as a risk factor for gaining extra weight, and having diabetes and heart related diseases in adults. This is because addiction to screen is associated with certain unhealthy lifestyles such as bad eating habits, inactivity and little sleep.
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  • Behavioural Disorders: emotional, social and attention problems have been linked with children who spend more than two hours per day on their screens. The brain's "white matter" can be destroyed as a result of excessive screen time, thus leading to a misfire in the brain's network and causing children to behave unusually or unsteady. In addition, bullying has been associated with children who spend too much time on digital screens. Also, individuals who are addicted to their phone screens may experience anxiety disorder whenever they are without their mobile phones or tablets. Although many of them often try to refocus their mood and activeness by using the best CBD oils for anxiety, it goes without saying that the ultimate solution to their condition is none other than screen time reduction.
  • Sleeping Disorder: studies have shown that looking at your screens before bed affects sleeping patterns. In fact, the blue light emitted from digital devices has been said to limit the sleep enhancing hormone - melatonin, thereby causing insomnia.
  • Barrier to Relationships: even though certain major health issues may stem from addiction to your digital devices, there is also the risk factor of it ruining your relationships and interpersonal skills. First, it could ruin your family relationship. Most individuals spend so much time on their screens that they barely listen or spend time with their loved ones. Nowadays, we prefer to be in the company of our digital devices than to communicate with the rest of our species. This is really causing damage to the society and the world at large. Communication skills have gone down the drain and even some individuals in a romantic relationship may often spend time engrossed in their screens rather than giving their partner quality attention. It is important to take into consideration that "little" acts such as replying a quick text could be passing the wrong message to not just your spouse, children or friends, but even to a new acquaintance or your work buddies.
  • Severe Neck and Back Ache: poor body postures when using your screens for long hours on a regular basis can cause severe pain in the neck, back, and shoulder.


The damage and effects caused by spending too much screen time can not be undermined. It is necessary to establish some guide rules to limit screen time. Below are some guide rules you may want to practice:

  • No screen time in the vehicle
  • No digital or electronics use during meals, dinner, outings or fun nights with your loved ones.
  • Screen free / digital unplugging day once a week or a weekend in a month.

These practices will help you limit the amount of hours you spend on screen time, leading to higher productivity, healthy relationships, as well as increase in your physical and emotional well-being.