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Comprehensive online promotion is key to sustaining a successful business. The biggest hindrance that often discredits the entire process of online promotion is the superficial attitude of many marketing coaches with little experience. A professional marketer should be well versed not only in contextual advertising, but also in SMM, targeted advertising, content creation, and overall sales. Due to the wide range of skills that a professional marketer should possess, there are not many who live up to the expectations.

Owen Hone is among the very few professional marketers out there who know how to approach their work with exceptional dedication, expertise, and honesty. His portfolio to date includes numerous success stories of entrepreneurs who managed to scale their businesses to 6+ figures in a matter of months.


“Success of my clients depends on my professionalism, therefore it is of fundamental importance for me to offer exceptional service. And we’ll never invite anyone to come and work with us unless we believe we can help them get the result they’re after”, says Owen.

A trustworthy online marketing strategy is the lifeblood of any successful business presence.

A trustworthy online marketing strategy is the lifeblood of any successful business presence. Its purpose includes the creation and implementation of a long-term advertising agenda, increasing the brand’s competitiveness, and achieving a sustainable advantage among competitors in the same market niche.

Any marketer must be skilled at:

  • Studying the product and its features;
  • Studying the target audience, its needs, and interests.
  • Studying the competitors of the client;
  • Planning marketing activities;
  • Identifying key strategies that correspond to the goals and mission of the project.
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“One of the most important points in studying the psychology of online shoppers is the ability to identify major aspects that influence their decision-making process. Having or creating a unique, high-quality product, opportunity or offer guarantees only half of the overall success. The remaining 50% is a robust online presence of your personal brand through a well-thought-out, user-friendly strategy”, Owen tells us.

Perseverance and Attentiveness

A good expert is constantly developing and actively researching his industry.

Owen told us about his life-changing story that ignited his passion for learning. Adoring Tony Robbins, a renowned life and business strategist, Owen attended his event which was as though destined to change his whole life. This event urged him to start developing as a professional marketing coach dedicated to continuous improvement and lasting success. In doing so, he marched to his own drum, but he knew one thing all along the way - he had to keep going no matter what.

Today, Owen tries to instill a passion for continuous learning in his clients too.

“Freedom isn't found in the amount of money in your bank account, nice cars, or sitting on a beach with your laptop”, says Owen. “It's earned every day by having the courage to speak up and take action. If you don't, you are literally proving your limiting beliefs true and in the true sense of the word, you're trapped. Freedom comes from feeling afraid, feeling resistance, but moving forward anyway”.


Anyone willing to attract more customers through adopting the best marketing strategies for brand development would no doubt benefit from Owen’s coaching. You can contact him on diverse social media platforms including Facebook.

Tiqua Jackson