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An experienced expungement lawyer in New Jersey, such as Peter Briskin, Esq., is the best professional contact for you to make to help you with expungement of an arrest or conviction from marijuana crime in the state of New Jersey. His fees are very reasonable, and expungement lawyers costs can be quite high. In the common law legal system, expungement (or "expunction") is a court-ordered procedure which results in the legal record of an individual's arrest or criminal conviction being sealed, or erased in terms of the law. If a conviction is expunged, the criminal conviction can then be deemed as "set aside." Expungement availability and the legal process of expungement varies from state to state and county to county. However, once this procedure has been completed, the arrest or conviction that expungement pertains to has been erased from the arrested or convicted person's criminal records for the majority of purposes.

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For example, in most expungement New Jersey instances, if a potential employer or a student admissions administrator of and educational institution conducts a public records search as part of a background check for an individual whose marijuana arrest or conviction has been expunged, no record of this criminal record will be found. Although it is, for most purposes, erased, a record of an expunged marijuana arrest or conviction will still be available to law enforcement officials, criminal courts and some other government agencies. Also, during certain legal proceedings, including an individual's sentencing for such offenses as criminal actions committed following an expungement process or in some immigration or deportation hearings or court proceedings, an "under seal" (expunged) conviction may be presented as proof of a previous conviction. I have found that expungement lawyers near me can explain this process the best.

Especially since the New Jersey marijuana laws pertaining to expungement can differ greatly in different jurisdictions, you should always contact a criminal defense attorney who is experienced in handling expungement processes in your state. Also, since different requirements must be satisfied prior to the granting of an expungement in different jurisdictions, it is essential to seek the expert advice and assistance of an experienced and respected New Jersey marijuana lawyer if you are arrested or convicted of a marijuana-related crime in the state of New Jersey and want to expunge your records of past offenses. When you contact the law offices of Peter Briskin, Esq., you will receive top quality advice and assistance from a cannabis lawyer with the legal expertise to best help you to be granted expungement. He will handle all your legal needs at low expungementNew Jersey cost, and his offices can also provide excellent cannabis business consulting advice.

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In the state of New Jersey, charges made against an individual for sale, distribution or possession of marijuana with intent to sell marijuana can vary from First Degree to Fourth Degree criminal charges. First or Second Degree charges for the sale, distribution or possession with the intent to sell CDS in the First or Second Degree is not legally expungeable. Third or Fourth Degree sale, distribution or possession with intent to sell CDS, of any type, may be expunged as a Third or Fourth Degree offense only if the court decides that expungement will be in the public interest. This decision will take into account the basic nature of the offense and the personal character and conduct of the individual charged. As you can see, if you are the defendant in such a legal proceeding, you will need the expert advice and counsel of an experienced New Jersey marijuana attorney.

Particularly when individuals are arrested or convicted on criminal charges relative to the sale, distribution or use of marijuana, this is a highly stressful situation in their lives. Especially in terms of knowing the best course of action to take relative to any past records of marijuana offenses, charges or convictions, it is of utmost value and importance to seek the professional legal advice of and representation by a highly qualified New Jersey marijuana lawyer.

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