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Kevin Caicedo

Photos are mostly taken to store memories, so it will not be wrong to say that every photo has its own story.

Many photographers like Kevin Caicedo Mosquera believe that photos can narrate stories. The fashion photographer has always amazed us with his visionary skills and ability to capture with perfection. If you look carefully at every pic that has been clicked by the photographer, you will find them to tell you a certain kind of story as believed by the fashion photographer.

“The photos narrate the story. Although the story of every photo is different for its viewer. For example, if there is a photo of the sun some may presume it as sunrise and some may think of it as sunset. Therefore, the story of every photo is different for every person”, said Kevin.

The fashionista believes the story narrated by every photo depends on the viewer. So, there can be more than one aspect of a single photograph. Also, the emotion of every person towards the photo is different. But it still does stop to tell stories to its viewers as believed by its viewers. The photographer has been immensely connected to his work which makes him think so deeply about it.

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