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The rate at which new developments have been happening across diverse sectors of the economy, the next gen customer has been at the ease of many things. With an simple touch of their fingers on their smart phones or any other gadgets, it has become too easy for customers to get any product/service within minutes. Cutting-edge technologies, latest advents, and advancements are ruling the current world bringing about all necessary needs and wants of the customers. But behind all of these improvements have been an array of new young budding entrepreneurs, fresh with new ideas to take the business world to greater heights with their unique and creative business modules. Be it be the Retail sector, IT, Healthcare, Entertainment or any other field, spirited and talented professionals and entrepreneurs have been embedded deeply within the ecosystem which has given great growth and impetus to the overall business arena. All of these entrepreneurs have been able to successfully establish themselves from the rest and cement a special place and name for themselves in the entrepreneurial world. We came across one such serial entrepreneur who has worked in many different verticals attracting colossal success, Felix Demin.

Felix Demin was inclined towards the business realm since an tender age. He always wanted to have his own venture and make it big in the business world. Embarking upon his special entrepreneurial journey, Felix has left no stone unturned in reaching every pinnacle of success and delivering best in class results for his companies and clients. He owns multiple businesses and excels as an versatile entrepreneur. After spending 3 years in China, Felix moved his base to Bali 8 years ago. Hospitality sector was one of special niches which Felix always wanted to make an robust presence in. Learning the tips and tricks of the business, Felix swiftly became an owner of multiple exotic and amazing destinations which includes the popular “Bubble Hotel Bali” which has been rated in the Top 10 Unique Hotels by AirBnb worldwide. Its top-notch services, ambiance, and different vibe all have attracted the attention of tourists nationally and globally and have also served well-known personalities and celebrities around the world. In Bali, he owns three hotels and also owns the “Private Jet Villa” project, a hospitality facility. Felix also took keen interests in the evolving real markets of Bali and has done many investments and deals in villa constructions building multiple luxury villas across different towns in Bali.


In addition to being an successful serial entrepreneur, Felix is also an ardent traveler and surfer who offers the best travel and luxury experiences to tourists. He owns an old Boeing 737 airplane, which he repurposes into a luxury villa located at the top of a cliff, 150 meters above the ocean. Felix also owns one of the biggest logistic companies from China to Russia, known for their service delivery and also a trading company.

With an objective of further outstretching his base and operations across the globe, Felix’s work ethics has been on dome different level. We hope he continues his golden run and inspires many others on route to greatness.

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