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The metaverse is currently overflowing with creatives coming from different parts of the world, featuring their artistry, advocacies, and digital art inclinations passionately. As it continues to evolve into the world’s most powerful and promising investment platform today, female anime creators and non-fungible token (NFT) enthusiasts are also invading the blockchain to promote their exceptional hand-drawn anime art and promote the power of fearless, feisty, and driven women in the industry. Doki Division has gone beyond cuteness with its edgier, dark-themed, and iconic anime characters unlike anything seen in the metaverse before.

Designed to specifically stand out among the many NFT characters existing in the metaverse today, the distinct and timeless artworks represent all of the dedicated and hardworking women in the industry who know how to take charge in the financial technology space. And when it comes to collectible and investment-worthy artworks, NFT holders are very particular about those that have the potential to stand the test of time and generate exciting returns in the future.

With 10,000 Doki Division tokens available for minting, the first phase involved building the community between September to October this year.

With 10,000 Doki Division tokens available for minting, the first phase involved building the community between September to October this year. This was made possible through a massive marketing campaign that was supported by community engagement across several social media platforms incentivized by competitions, giveaways, games, and collaborations. October started the season for minting, granting whitelisted users exclusive access to the project before it opened to the public. Each Doki girl is uniquely generated using a code to create exciting variations, featuring a combination of more than 120 traits, including hair, accessories, outfits, and tattoos, among others.

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All the holders of the Doki girls also automatically became part of the exclusive Doki Club, where members have access to free merchandise, exclusive prizes such as vacation trips, development sneak peeks, cash drops, and exciting game nights. Once minting starts, the production of the Doki clothing line will begin. The line will feature the community’s original anime-inspired designs. All the profits coming from the sale of items from the clothing line will be returned to the community to contribute to funding its development. From there, the community will work on creating the Doki Boys, a counterpart NFT exclusive for Doki Girl holders.

After the launching of the clothing line, the next phase of the community roadmap involves the video game adaptation, where creators will experiment with developments and collaborations on blockchain features that can be given out as rewards to holders. Additionally, this phase will begin the process of hiring artists and writers to work side by side with the community’s artist to make a manga adaptation, which will be free for all holders.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

The creators behind the Doki Division community include its founder, Nightmare, artist Dokusugar, Doki Designer Tidepoool, and developer Slothrop. Together, they are determined to make the community the most successful and sought-after NFT spaces in the metaverse today and in the future.

Learn more about Doki Division by visiting its website. Follow the community’s official Twitter account for updates on its latest projects.