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As we witness the Trump administration's plans to scrap every piece of legislation intended to stymie the effects of climate change, it's only fair for progressives and environmentalists to re-assess their strategy in the long battle to keep the climate discourse within the range of the mainstream.

Eco Revolution

The task is not that easy, seeing as there have been many attempts to discredit all verified literature that point towards an impending climate apocalypse. In addition to that, big business lobbyists are well entrenched in their willingness to profit off of the planet's inevitable demise.

But is it really inevitable? Could the damage to the Earth be irreversible?

It's hard to tell at this point. But what's certain is that climate science points us towards a dark future more real than we could have thought so before.

So what else is there beyond the placards and the Earth Day marches that happen every year, beyond the organic alternatives to plastics and the fact that people today join environmental causes out of vanity rather than out of a feeling of humanitarian concern?

Holding people accountable

Perhaps the first step is to make those who have committed climate crimes answer for the sheer ignorance that's causing the planet to get hotter and hotter every year.

Perhaps the first step is to make those who have committed climate crimes answer for the sheer ignorance that's causing the planet to get hotter and hotter every year. After all, if people could manage to launch a mesothelioma lawsuit through, then it's possible for ordinary citizens to hold big businesses accountable for massive climate damage.

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Before that, however, it's important to organize community climate action groups which should serve as a watchdog for monitoring business environmental compliance. Apart from that, these small organizations can hold events that aim to increase the visibility of the climate movement. It might seem like a long shot, but when it comes to mobilizing mass movements in favor of the environment, we will have to start out small.

Taking the fight online

Seeing that there has been a large amount of fake news that sought to debunk climate science as baloney, the environmental movement can also focus much of its advocacy in overpowering the falsities that populate the online world.

As Facebook pages that support racism and ultra-nationalist propaganda continue to hound the digital world, environmental activists should be brave enough to take the fight online and counter the misinformation that's spreading like wildfire.

The need for political engagement on all fronts

Yet, for all the resistance we could muster, the climate debate (though there's nothing to debate about when half the planet's underwater while the other half is being cooked to a crisp) is a political struggle in itself.

As much as we could stage protests and other forms of resistance favoring future generations, the fate of the world still rests on the kind of leadership we knowingly pick.

For sure, with progressives hot at the heels of the Democratic primaries, we will have to pick candidates who have authentic "green" platforms, who adopt a more radical view to dealing with lobbyists, and who can put a stop to the suicidal tendencies of Trump's ilk.

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