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Financial Freedom

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Long gone are the days in which people had a regular job and simply carried on for the rest of their days. Instead, people are now utilising their talents and skills by having a side hustle (or even multiple). These side hustles generate a second income for many people, which is why so many individuals seem to be doing it. Plus, if you're able to save that money up that you're earning from your side hustle, you can eventually reach financial freedom. Everyone wants to have a luxurious life for themselves and their family, which is why we tend to do more work rather than less.

If you’re interested in the ways you can reach financial independence through having a regular 9 to 5 income as well as a side project, carry on reading for some ways you can earn money from your skills and passions. Below is a list of the top side hustles that are sure to earn you a large sum of cash and a steady second income…

Freelance Writing - Start Your Content Marketing Career

If you've always had a passion for writing and find yourself still wanting to do more, freelance writing both content and copy could be the way forward.

If you've always had a passion for writing and find yourself still wanting to do more, freelance writing both content and copy could be the way forward. There are countless job opportunities out there just waiting to be picked up by someone who has a passion for writing. There are various different paths you can go down if you’re planning on freelance writing as your side hustle. You may want to take a proofreader approach and start reading and editing people’s already written work if you’re particularly good with grammar.

A more popular option is content marketing and writing for brands and businesses online. Anyone who wants to get into this sector but lacks the experience may want to start a blog to showcase their writing whenever they're talking to future potential clients. If you're able to start contracts with people and build up a regular income, then this will become a steady stream for you and your family to use for luxuries like holidays and other special occasions.

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Property Investment - Become a Property Investor

Property investment has long been considered the best and most lucrative way to spend your money due to increasing property prices and capital appreciation. If you've got some money collecting dust in a bank account somewhere and want it to help you get more money and high returns, investing in property is the way forward for you. If you've got a 9 to 5 job you don't want to quit then it's recommended that you opt for a hands-off investment strategy, which means you have a property management company who help you with tenant demands, issues and acquiring them when you need new people to move into your buy to let.

Choosing a highly profitable area can seem like a difficult task if you choose property investment as your side hustle. However, with just a little research, you will find that there are so many resources, blogs and guides on getting started in property investment and choosing the best property for you. RWinvest, an award-winning property investment company, recommend choosing areas such as Liverpool and Sheffield for your investment, due to high yields of up to 10% which are the highest in the country for buy to let new builds and off-plan.

Online Tutoring - Teach People!

There is nothing more rewarding than teaching people your knowledge and giving them a different insight into the world. Online tutoring as a side hustle can be extremely rewarding and can also pay well too. Plus, you don't need to leave your house to get started. There are various platforms to put yourself on if you want to find students, and it's recommended to use these so that payments are secure and you don't put your time and effort to waste. Plus, if you're super good and enjoy what you do, you may even want to start a teaching qualification and go into it full-time.

Since online tutoring is remote, you can truly teach anyone from around the world. This means you could be chatting to a student in India for one hour and the next tutoring session be teaching someone in your home city! Those of you who are interested should have a look at tutoring platforms such as Skooli and Tutor Me.

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