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Car accidents are not pleasant situations. And among them all, 32% of fatal car accidents are caused by drivers who were drunk. The statistics are high, and this is one of the main reasons why drunk driving is a very serious thing and a serious offense. When you get charged with driving under the influence (or DUI for short), you need to start thinking about the best legal counsel you can get. Even if it’s the best San Diego DUI Attorney or any other lawyer, make sure he’s the best one in his field.

Finding the Best DUI Attorney

The problem is that many prosecutors don’t care about the circumstances of your arrest, so they will probably try to get you the worst case scenario for your situation.

Cases like these happen all the time. People get charged with DUI. The first thing to do it to not talk to anyone about anything without a lawyer. Actually, this should be your first priority. You need to find someone who is willing to fight for you and your case. This can be a very overwhelming situation, since there are so many lawyers out there. We don’t want to make things worse, but…

This is the most important thing about your case

This lawyer is the one who is either going to help you escape this situation, or who is going to let you down. If your attorney is a very good one, you can easily escape the DUI charges. We’ve written this article to help you choose the best DUI one out there.

Your lawyer needs to know the area

Every one who was charged with you DUI was arrested in a particular Court system, so the best choice for the lawyer is one who has work in the very same Court system, because he will know and understand the area and he might probably know the judge and the district attorney who was assigned to your case. This instantly makes things easier for him and for you. If the case is complicated, he will not encounter any surprises, given the fact that he knows the judge and knows how he does his job.

Choose one lawyer who has some experience in his background

You’d better count on someone who has some (perhaps several) years of experience on his back, which he achieved by practicing law. Think about getting someone who’s specialized in DUI defensive tactics. Before actually hiring someone, ask around and find out how long he has been practicing his job, especially how much experience he has in DUI cases. Also, make sure you find out how many of the cases has he won.

Get an attorney who gives references of past clients

If you find yourself in this DUI situation, as said, you need to find the best lawyer. If your attorney is the best one on his field, he’ll probably have some clients (many, actually) who are willing to talk to you about their situations. Potential cases become real-life examples, from people who’s been through this. They’ll also give you testimonies about the way this attorney works. So it might be a very good idea to talk to these people. After all, you’re going through the same situation. However, given the confidentiality laws, it also might get challenging to find any testimonials or references. This happens for the best attorneys, too. If you don’t want to ask your lawyer for this (even though you should), you can ask around, or your family and friends for some recommendations for you. Many people get ashamed, but it’s your life we’re talking about, so start looking for one who knows what he’s doing.

If a law firm, from the very start, mentions or talks about giving you testimonials, you found your lawyers. We like to call it fate. In this case, you should be confident, and you should trust them that they’re going to help you out of this unpleasant situation.

If your lawyer does not have any reference to show you, you might need to reconsider your choices.

An attorney who has been disciplined is a no-go

After you checked his background experience and other details, try to find out if he has been disciplined by the bar. If yes, you need to find someone else as soon as possible. Choose another one. Is an overwhelming process, but your problems are enough, you don’t need to take care of a disreputable attorney, too.

Ask about the fee

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Most of the lawyers are not working pro-bono, so inevitably there is going to be a fee. We do not advise you to choose your attorney based only on your price, but it’s still a thing to consider. You need to be sure that you can handle all the expenses. Don’t try to avoid the subject, ask up front. And while you’re at it, ask about the payment plans (if any). One who sets a monthly fee is better than no one at all. So don’t be afraid to ask, as it is also a significant step in your case.

Ask other lawyers

If you personally know one or you have recently worked with another lawyer, you should take advantage of this, as they are a very good source of information. They can guide and send you to the best one of the field. They might also tell you details about how that particular lawyer works and how is he with his clients.

We think we don’t need to tell you that you shouldn’t hire the lawyer you asked about information, just because he’s a friend of yours or because he has helped you before. If your buddy is a divorce attorney, he won’t be able to help you with your DUI case. He does not have the knowledge or power to do that. But because he’s a lawyer, he has some connections with attorneys from other fields – he will give you the right path to follow to the best one in the DUI field.

Keep in mind that the relationship with your lawyer is an important one

Don’t lie to him and don’t make things up. In order to help you, he needs to know all the truth. And all the details, from the moment you got in the car, till the moment you met him. Don’t be ashamed of your facts, the lawyer is there to help you, not to judge you.

Ask for the help of the National College of DUI Offense

If you think it’s not a good idea to do the referral process by yourself, get in touch with the National College of DUI Offense and let them choose a good DUI attorney for your case, who is also in your area. This website also gives you a full database, which contains the names of lawyers who are specialized in DUI and DWI (driving while intoxicated) cases.

This is a lot easier than looking for one by yourself. But just because you can find them all in one place, it doesn’t mean that you can skip all the other steps from above. You still need to be cautious and ask about his background – about their experience in the field, (if there are) problems with the bar and their relationships with their clients.

Go to the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

This is the second organization you can go to if you are in trouble. They also give information about the lawyers. Even if this website offers more pieces of information about lawyers who specialized in criminal defense, it’s always good to have these resources close to you.

Get in touch with the State Bar Association

The State Bar Association is always a source of information that comes in handy at all times. It doesn’t matter the type of legal council you’re looking for – this is a preci0us thing to have. They offer a list full of names of lawyers from all the fields of law, including those specialized in DUI defense.

It’s never easy to find a lawyer, it’s actually quite tricky, especially in cases of DUI, given the situation with the prosecutors, who want to prosecute you, without taking into account the circumstances of your arrest.

If you find yourself in this situation, finding the best attorney is your only choice.

All these pieces of advice from this article are very useful, but make sure you find someone who makes you feel comfortable through all this chaos that is the driving under the influence charge.

Mian Azhar