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Housing Crash

Are you looking to sell up and move to another property? If it is the first time you’ve ever sold a house, there are a number of potential pitfalls that you might have to deal with. In this guide, we’re exploring the most useful tips for a first-time seller and exploring some of the ways you can sell more quickly, effectively, and affordably!

Price Your Home Accurately

Homes that are overpriced are unlikely to sell, but underpricing your home means that you could be doing yourself a disservice and failing to get the full value.

Homes that are overpriced are unlikely to sell, but underpricing your home means that you could be doing yourself a disservice and failing to get the full value.

A brokerage, real estate agent, or real estate management company will be able to help you with the valuation. It’s important to consider what other properties in the area are selling for at the time, as this will play a big part in your own valuation. It’s also a good idea to get multiple opinions to see if peoples’ valuations align.

Home Staging Boosts Selling Power and Appeal

It’s amazing how many people don’t really ever bother with staging home or making it look appealing to those who visit and have a look around. Any real estate agent will tell you that a bit of staging goes a long way.

Some people assume that potential buyers will be smart enough to work out what they can do with the house, and that the belongings sitting inside may well be gone anyway when they buy. This is true to an extent, but staging gives people the ability to envisage themselves in the home, and see what the potential of the property is. Imagine you view a home that has dirty laundry on display and is generally untidy. It’s going to be less appealing, even if you try and look beyond this and think about your own ambitions for the property once you’ve bought it.

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Those rumours that fresh bread and coffee smells can help with a sale aren’t a total myth! Making your home seem appealing is an essential part of the process.

Ask About Your Agent's Standard Real Estate Commission

This is an area that you need to budget in. Paying your real estate agent! It’s not likely to be cheap, but a good agent is well worth paying for, as they can help you to make sure everything goes smoothly as well as making sure you get the best price for your home.

Some people compare a lot of agents' costs and go with the cheapest, but this is not something we’d recommend. Go with the best, especially if you are looking for a quick and easy sale. It’s worth parting with a bit of extra cash in order to get the sale pushed through and to know that you are working with an agent who is likely to be trustworthy. As well as asking about commission, do your research and check out their reviews and testimonials.

Be Flexible With Home Showings

It’s not necessarily a nice thing to think about. The fact that people are going to be going through your home and looking through things can be a bit of an annoyance, to say the least. If you’re likely to be in the house at the same time then it can be even more of an annoyance.

It’s important to be flexible, and let viewers come to see your house even at times that might not be the most convenient for you. It’s likely that there will be a lot of viewings that don’t result in an offer, but that doesn’t mean you should start turning people away. You’d just be increasing the chances that your ideal buyer goes elsewhere, and this is the last thing you want when you are selling your home.

It helps if you have somewhere you can go. A real estate agent might take care of the viewings while you spend time at a friend’s house. If you don’t want the disruption this could be your best bet.

Host an Open House

An open house is a chance for a lot of people to see what you’re offering. Sure, there will be people who just turn up in order to nose around and have a look at your house with no intention of buying, but a huge proportion of home buyers buy a house after visiting one of these events. It’s an opportunity to stage and present your home and even appeal to potential buyers that otherwise might not have looked at your house. They could just fall in love and put in an offer.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

Real estate agents put on open house events all the time, and they’ll know the best way to tempt people to view and to close on potential buyers. It’s worth taking the time and effort.