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Having so much freedom and time at hand, lots of ideas of doing something good for yourself will immediately cross you mind: may it be buying your new shoes, foods, shopping or maybe give yourself finally a gym time.

Thoughts of re-shaping your body can get you moving up immediately and start doing workouts wherever you are, especially at home. Dreaming of having a perfect beach body and achieving it in any manner is not that bad however, if you plan to take care of yourself - first things first, you should do it in a right way.

The listed five items below are some of the ways to track your fitness goals the RIGHT WAY:

You need to be ready, physically and mentally

Being prepared both physically and mentally could keep your focus on the fitness goals you have your eyes on.

Being prepared both physically and mentally could keep your focus on the fitness goals you have your eyes on. Physical awareness that it could take a lot of body strength, depending on what kind of exercise you would want to go through or who’s the coach you want to follow. Mental awareness that it could take a lot of patience because results of your workout doesn’t come out in a snap of a finger and it will take time to get your desired result. Keep in mind that preparing yourself won’t get you easily stressed, distracted or demotivated.

Take note of your body measurements

Keeping notes of your body measurements will let you see the progress you are making since day one. It will help you compare your weekly victories and losses (or if it’s your time to celebrate!) Your body measurements will let you know how much weight you need to let go to be in a healthier shape and it will serve as your marker in your fitness journey.

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Schedule your workout sessions

Workout sessions should be on a regular schedule though not necessarily every day because you have to keep in mind that rest is also vital when you started your fitness journey. You can also try workout supplements to boost yourself before a workout.

Workout sessions could be every other day and at a specific time, you have to make it a habit so that your body will be oriented to the development being made to it and be able to be in shape. Tracking Your Fitness Goals The Right Way

Many fitness experts have started online classes to teach bodyweight exercises that require minimal to no equipment.

Keep your photo diary

One that can keep you motivated in your fitness goals is by keeping photos of yourself - front, back, and sideways - and some optional photos of some celebrity, athletes or someone who has your ideal body type. It will give you a visual proofs of your efforts and improvement as well as the body shape you are going to achieve.

Keep your food diary

To help you keep track with your fitness goals includes your diet. Diet means monitoring your food and water intake and not the “starvation diet” that some considers as the shortcut to their weight loss. Nutrition is an important part of your fitness journey as it provides you new and essential nutrients for every energy you lose physically every workout sessions. Note that there are studies backed up by science that says that your fitness journey should be composed of 80% for nutrition and only 20% for exercise, both compliment each other and neither can do anything without the other. You can seek help from a nutritionist so that you’ll be assured that the nutrition that you need will be properly given to you.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

The road of the fitness journey will always be hard that feels like giving up will be the only choice left but revisiting the start of your journey, you will be reminded why you end up doing this, it’s also not wrong to forgive yourself, and by then, you’ll be more motivated to keep your lane and finish what you’ve started to welcome a new and healthier you.