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A wallet chain is a pretty straightforward thing invented for safeguarding a wallet and its content. But did you know that it can perform a few other functions? It is also a fashion accessory, a self-defense solution, a payment method, and even a first-aid for your motorcycle. Here are some unexpected reasons to consider a wallet chain for your fashion arsenal.

Safeguard Your Possessions

A wallet chain wasn’t created for fashion purposes. Its primal mission is to secure a wallet and everything you keep in it from loss and theft. It is not a secret to anyone that motorcyclists prefer to carry their wallets in the back pockets of their jeans. This makes these wallets tempting for pickpockets. Of course, a chain won’t make a wallet pickpocket-proof but it tremendously reduces the chances of it getting into the wrong hands. After all, who would risk their health to try and snitch a wallet securely attached to a burly guy?

Pickpockets don’t lie in wait at every corner, which can’t be said about road bumps and pits. A less-than-perfect pavement can simply shake a wallet out of a pocket, and then losers weepers. This situation is easily avoidable with a wallet chain. Even if a wallet happens to slip out of the pocket, it will still be attached to a chain so it won’t go anywhere.

Wallet Chain Don’t Go Out of Style

In the 1950s, wallet chains came on the scene thanks to the emerging subculture of motorcycle riders that required a simple yet efficient way to keep wallets intact. In the 1970s, this trend was picked up by punk pioneers. However, they didn’t view them as security means. Chains, such as those found at, were rather a fashion accessory. In the 1980s, chains caught the eye of hair metal and rock enthusiasts who made them an indispensable part of their flashy look alongside distressed tees and skintight pants. The 1990s were the heyday of grunge, and chains didn’t fall out of favor with those who worshiped Kurt Cobain and other idols of the grunge scene. Simultaneously, these heavy accessories could be seen in ravers and hip-hoppers. The 2000s attached chains to the pants of nu-metal acts, and the 2010s saw chains sneaking into streetwear fashion.

So, every decade since the mid-20th century experienced a new advent of wallet chains. Although they have been carried by musicians representing different genres (as well as their fan bases), these chains barely underwent any tweaks. The only thing that varied was whether a chain was actually paired with a wallet or simply affixed to a belt.

Biker fashion was one more thing that cements wallets’ status as a timeless item. Little has changed since the 1950s when bikers first incorporated them into their wardrobes. They kept rocking chains regardless of mainstream trends and what others thought about this accessory. 50 years in the future, wallet chains will still be where they belong, swaying against the thighs of motorcycle riders.

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Helps Build a Biker Look

Biker fashion is sought-after and unaffected by time. It is synonymous with toughness, bad boy attitude, and kick-ass vibes. It comes as no surprise that every guy who wishes to have the said features tries to experiment with the elements of biker style. Even ladies, although not every single one of them is ready to embrace a full-biker image, don’t shy away from biker-inspired leather jackets and stout boots.

Whether you are after the biker vibe or are ready for a more solid and consistent look, wallet chains are worthy of consideration. Nothing screams ‘biker’ louder (besides, perhaps, leather jackets and vests) than these metal accessories.

Can Come in Handy

A solid and hefty chain can become a means of security not only for a wallet but also for its owner. If you happen to bump into a company of less-than-friendly individuals, this chain can turn into a weapon or self-defense solution. The prospect of getting hit by a heavy metal thing may force them to rethink their behavior.

A chain can even serve as first aid for your motorcycle. If something came off or got loose on the road and you don’t have tools to fix it, a long and sturdy chain may come in handy to hold things together.

It is no secret that chains made of precious metals, such as sterling silver, cost a pretty penny. If you find yourself stranded without food, gas, and money, a chain that has some value to it can help pay for your trip back home. Pawn shops and fellow bikers would be happy to trade it for something you need more at the moment.

You Can Attach Various Items to a Chain

A chain hanging from your hip can provide space to place some things you may want to keep close at hand. Those could be keys, a lighter, and, since we live in the Covid era, a face mask. You can, of course, put all this stuff in a bag but it will take a lot more time to rummage through it and extract an item you need.