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In today's fast paced world, time is money. In fact, time is everything! We all try to extract a little more out of our time, by any possible way.

This is even more so the case when it comes to travel. It surely does hurt, if we have to spend hours waiting for a connecting flight at the airport. And nothing can be worse than delayed or rescheduled flights.

When you book a private jet for your business or leisure travel, you can rest assured that not a minute of your precious time will be wasted.

When you book a private jet for your business or leisure travel, you can rest assured that not a minute of your precious time will be wasted. Exactly how much time will you save? Well, here's a detailed tally for your times saved balance sheet.

No queues and no waiting time

Do you realize how much time an average passenger on commercial flight spends at the airport before boarding? If you're taking a domestic flight without any check-in luggage, you'll easily be spending about an hour before you get to board the flight. If you have check-in luggage, you'll need at least 30 minutes more at your disposal. For international commercial flights, you'll need to have at least 2 hours 30 minutes for completing all formalities at the airport prior to departure.

Even if you get a priority in boarding, you'll have to wait until a few hundred other passengers complete boarding. And we need to remind you that you'll have to wait another 15-45 minutes before the aircraft takes off.

But for private jet fliers, there's absolutely no queue at the security check or boarding. You reach the airport, complete the formalities and get on the flight and take-off.

Approximate time saved: 1 - 3 hours

Better accessibility to your destination

Try searching for a non-stop flight from New York to Sicily, or any other island destination. Did you get a "Sorry, no flights found" message? Of course, you did.

There are hardly any direct commercial flights operating between these destinations. Commercial flights will make at least one or two layovers.

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What about the duration of your travel time with a stop over? Practically, the journey can last for 10 - 14 hours or even more!

A private jet charter gives you an opportunity to fly directly to your destination and save 2 - 4 hours on the travel time.

Approximate time saved: 2 - 4hrs

Access to smaller airports

Business travelers having jet card membership may find that private jet charter travel ismore affordable than ever. In fact, private jet turns out to be a far more efficient mode of transport and that's why many business and corporate travelers are choosing to fly privately.

Commercial airlines have access to commercial airports only. While private jets are allowed to land at smaller airports. So instead of taking a flight to the airport and travelling another few hours by car to reach your final destination, you could just book a private jet to an airport which is closer to your destination.

Approximate time saved: 30 minutes - 1 hour

Quicker aircrafts and shorter flight duration

Private jets are usually smaller aircrafts, designed to be more efficient than the commercial passenger aircrafts. In fact,private jets fly faster resulting in shorter hauls. Some private aircrafts can cover around 500 miles an hour. Clearly, this means more time saved on your travel especially on a cross-country flight.

Approximate time saved: 30 minutes - 2 hours


If you do the math here, you'll see that it's possible to save around 4 - 10 hours by choosing a private jet over a commercial airline. Besides, if the commercial flight hours don't correspond well with your business or travel itinerary, you might end up scheduling your return flight on the next day. But this won't be a case for private flying.

Since private jet charters give priority to your personal schedule, you might end up taking a flight out the same day as you finish your business.

So how much time is actually saved? As you can see, the short and more appropriate answer would be, A LOT!