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Fortnite is one of the most hyped survival games out there. As we know, it provides an open-environment where characters battle with each other to survive. The Fortnite party is inspired by this very game where you will get the real-world battle royale experience. Thanks to Fortnite to make birthday parties now more exciting with amazing experiences.

Fortnite Party

What is a Fortnite party?

The party is largely inspired by the online game Fortnite. It includes supplements like –powerful smoke bombs, ridiculously fun chalk bombs, eight different kinds of Nerf Guns, and a portable Fortnite battle royale arena as you see in the game. The party gives a realistic experience discarding any sort of real violence. The violence here is cartoonish and playful, no harmful gadgets will get in the way of having fun.

The Fortnite party actually turns the game into an extremely enjoyable birthday experience where one can feel like playing the game by physically participating.

The Fortnite party actually turns the game into an extremely enjoyable birthday experience where one can feel like playing the game by physically participating.

If you are worried about how this party will be run by people who have zero experience on it, then no need to fret over it because you will be getting a coach to guide the whole party. The Fortnite party is mainly run by a coach who is called Fortnite coach. It is his job to run the party from beginning to end.

Not to mention, the guardians can have a relaxing time watching their kids enjoy the party. There is no physical labor that the elders need to go through; all they have to do is to watch the kids play.

The Fortnite party package:

The Fortnite party package is pretty intriguing itself. It will last for around two hours. Sixteen players can join the party. The provided pieces of equipment will be Nerf Megas, Standard Elit Guns, Nerf Rivals, ten ridiculously fun chalk bombs, three smoke bombs, and three ultra-smoke bombs.

The supplements ensure high-performance as well as safety; no harmful objects are attached. Plus, the package comes with twelve goggles unlimited darts. To give the real-life experience, the party includes a Fortnite battlefield and nine mobile paintball bunkers.

The cost is not too high if you think of the whole arrangement. The party will cost around $650. You can have add-ons; for each additional player it is $25, for 5 additional smoke bombs it is $75, and for 10 additional smoke bombs is $50.

How a Fortnite party is run?

With all the supplies and arrangements the party appears lively and fun. It is a great source of entertainment for kids, especially for Fortnite players. They are getting to take part in an original Fortnite arena, what’s more can they ask for?

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The party is designed in such a way so that the participants get the Fornite vibe for sure. Let's take a look at how the party is usually run:

  • The battle arena appears with the decoration of mobile paint bunkers. The bunkers are giant in size and color-coded.
  • Then, the Fortnite party starts with battle royale, unloads the Nerf guns.
  • After that, the Fortnite coach will be dropping multiple supply drops into the arena. The drops includes-smoke bombs, chalk bombs, and arsenals.
  • When more people are added the party supplies more equipment. 20 players can enjoy the game with guns and goggles. However, when the players exceed up to 20, the price will be $1300. With the cost, the equipment will also level up including Nerf Guns, Paintball Barriers, Smoke Bombs, and chalk bombs. Plus, you will get an extra coach.
  • The premier Fortnite package assures more durable pieces of equipment and longer performance.

Age limit:

The game includes some supplies with high-performance so the party suggests that the player should at least be 8 years old. Otherwise, the supplies will be too much powerful to play with for anyone younger.

However, the Nerf guns are better for at least players of 12+. There are Nerf Guns suitable for 5+ but the numbers are quite a few. That doesn’t mean kids of 5 years can’t participate. But it is better if 12+ players are higher in number. Because the kids of 12+ can enjoy the maximum fun with Mega Nerf Guns, ridiculously strong Smoke Bombs, and Rival Nerf Guns.

Location for Fortnite Party:

The outdoor parks are the only ideal location for such a party. The involvement of Chalk Bombs and Smoke Bombs will require an outdoor environment. Also, parks are spacious enough to give the realistic Fornite battle arena experience. Also, this party can take place in indoor environments with the arrangement of pop up camouflage tents.

A place securing 8000 feet square (more like 2 full basketball courts) is ideal for the party.

Why the Fortnite Party is so realistic?

The party provides Mobile professional and Huge paintball Bunkers. Keeping pace with the Fortnite game theme, it creates the best Fortnite Battle arena anyone could ever ask for. The types of equipment are arranged in such a way, it doesn't feel like cartoonish rather real military vibe while playing the game. Moreover, physical participation itself is adventurous; it provides a realistic and fun experience. With Giant Tanks, multiple inflatable Barricades, and Nerf darts the players will find the game so realistic.

The party also works as a team-building session comprised of friends and colleagues. Kids can participate in something related to real-life experience and thus engage, interact, and build bonds. The elders can also enjoy the game if they want to. Plus, it is a great chance for neighbors or friends to get to know each other more.

Final thoughts: The Fortnite party is more like realistic game experience. Here one can participate and explore the fun experience of a survival game. Most importantly, the party is actually a great chance for the kids to look away from the screen and do something interesting outside the virtual world. A great way to get together for Fortnite fans as well as a unique way to celebrate birthdays or holydays.