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Since streaming platforms have replaced television and probably even cinemas, our approach toward consuming entertainment content has changed. Now we can break the suspense cycle and binge-watch all the episodes in one night rather than wait for each on the weekend. Whether it's Netflix or Amazon Prime, or any other streaming platform, we all have cherished the diversity of cinematic content on these streaming platforms, right? If so, there is news you will love to hear.

Frederick A. Morton, the founder of TEMPO Networks, has revealed his future plans for the brand. “There is good news for those enamored by the Caribbean lifestyle,” he said. “TEMPO is presently preparing to launch its streaming platform, with an exciting and ground-breaking slate of original and exclusively curated programming and content for the very significant and varied worldwide demographic who love and enjoy all things Caribbean,” he further added as he announced the much-awaited news.

The streaming app has been a much-anticipated and much-demanded initiative by the fans of the Caribbean lifestyle. After garnering immense success within 17 years of its launch, TEMPO is now the Caribbean’s leading television, media, and entertainment lifestyle brand, capturing the region’s travel, lifestyle, and culture worldwide. With its aesthetic content, the network has been successful so far in bolstering the promotion of ‘all things Caribbean’ on a larger scale.

TEMPO has fared tremendously well on its primary objective as well, which is to unify the Caribbean islands by highlighting the shared history and experiences of diverse ethnicities inhabiting the region. After the emergence of TEMPO on cable across the US and the Caribbean, this heavenly piece of Earth observed a significant spike in regional and international travel. The amazing travel and lifestyle shows presented to the worldwide audience must be accredited for that.

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Moreover, the network has also been quite lucrative for the local talent. Many local artists have enjoyed the fun and fame from the platform of TEMPO. There’s a good number of artists that were catapulted to the limelight from the stage provided to them by this ground-breaking network, famous Barbadian singer Rihanna being one of them.

Frederick has bigger dreams for TEMPO. He wants it to stay relevant to its main objective, continue improving the quality of content, and focus on different programming genres, bringing the essence of the Caribbean lifestyle to the world. Brand new shows are in the offing, introducing skillful artists, breathtaking places, unique cultures and traditions, and the Caribbean cuisine that will make your mouth water; in all its glory, TEMPO Networks is just getting started!

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In this context, the news of TEMPO launching its streaming app by the end of this year amounts to a pleasant surprise for the admirers of the ‘earth’s last Eden’, the Caribbean. Hang on tight then, as a new wave of entertainment is forming in the Caribbean sea!