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Freemote Gives Aspiring Coders the Tools to Become Freelance Developers in Weeks

After just a few short weeks, students are able to turn their success in the bootcamp's projects into freelancing jobs or full-time coding work.

Software developer Aaron Jack created a business using his background to equip freelance coders with the skills they need in record time. As a former Uber software engineer, Jack is now a freelance software developer on a mission. His goal is to take aspiring coders from no experience to paid developers at breakneck speed.

Coding bootcamp from Freemote gets fast results

Freemote is a new kind of coding bootcamp. People who enroll tackle real-world e-commerce software development under the guidance of experienced mentors. After just a few short weeks, students are able to turn their success in the bootcamp's projects into freelancing jobs or full-time coding work.

After just a few short weeks, students are able to turn their success in the bootcamp's projects into freelancing jobs or full-time coding work.

Freemote packs the information that new software developers need into a focused curriculum. A seven-week program contains all the training and information aspiring developers need.

Students focus on obtaining their first freelancing job during weeks one through four. To accomplish this, they first focus on learning the minimum amount of material they need to bid on a paid job. Jack maintains that the information required to get a start in coding is actually a lot less than most people expect. He works to build up the confidence of his students as they apply to their first freelancing jobs.

In the final three weeks of the bootcamp, Freemote transforms students into well-rounded software developers who are able to bid on a variety of freelance and full-time software developer jobs. This second half of the program is designed to broaden and deepen the skills of the new software developers.

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Real-world training accelerates Freemote's coding bootcamp

Many people start by trying to learn every aspect of coding and development. They either attempt to teach themselves or attend an expensive bootcamp. Those who teach themselves often give up because they lack a clear plan and direction. Those who attend $30,000 coding bootcamps learn the same skills as other graduates and find it challenging to rise above the job candidates who already have experience. Freemote distinguishes itself from these other bootcamps by offering information along with real-world opportunities to apply it. 

While studying at Freemote's bootcamp, students focus on one in-demand software development niche. One of the most in-demand niches of 2022 is e-commerce software development. By using this niche as an entry point to the coding arena, Freemote students can apply in weeks for jobs with good pay and a relatively low learning curve. 

By focusing on one in-demand niche, students can take the skills they learn to real clients in the real job market right away. Students at Freemote actually apply for real-world freelance jobs during the 7-week program.

In terms of credibility, the real-world projects students perform at Freemote's coding bootcamp look far more impressive than the standard projects students churn out at other bootcamps. While a student at Freemote, for example, may design a real e-commerce store pulling in $10,000 each month, most other coding bootcamp students are creating fake calendar apps. When students from Freemote interview after the bootcamp, they may open a portfolio to show how they improved an actual website's performance by a two percent increased conversion rate. How will this compare to the applicants from other bootcamps who are showing off YouTube clones no one has ever used?

Experienced mentors guide Freemote's students through real-world projects

Mentors are on hand to guide Freemote students through their real-world projects during the entire bootcamp. These mentors have experience as developers and come alongside students as they do their first jobs.

During the program, students and mentors apply for real work from freelancing websites and accomplish the tasks together. The mentors are always available to offer feedback and support. They review every project students work on during the bootcamp. Because of Freemote's mentors, real-world projects are possible even for the students who come to the coding bootcamp without previous experience.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

The program's streamlined curriculum enables students to quickly gain a foothold in the software development industry's highly marketable niche by simplifying and focusing the educational process. Freemote provides the training and mentorship new coders need to get hired for their first freelance jobs in a matter of weeks.