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For years, elite athletes looking to make a full and fast recovery from intense workouts or competitions have turned to conventional methods such as protein powders, shakes, and formulas that feature whey protein. While whey can be useful in building muscle mass, these methods do not provide a complete recovery for muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Fortunately, there is a product that delivers a full recovery solution – and it can be digested in just 15 minutes.

OP2 Labs, the creators of ProT Gold, are helping elite athletes gain a competitive edge with their Frog Fuel Power recovery formula. Designed with fortified, nano-hydrolyzed collagen, Frog Fuel helps athletes work harder and recover faster than ever before.

“When you work out, especially as an elite athlete, you are breaking down muscle so it can be built again, and you need nutrition to repair those muscles,” explains Chief Marketing Officer Aaron Saari. “You want something that will deliver protein to muscles, tendons, and ligaments as quickly as possible so that they get repaired.”

Not only is Frog Fuel nano-hydrolyzed to be completely digestible within 15 minutes – delivering nutrition quickly to repair muscles and ligaments -- but it also features collagen, a protein that is already produced naturally by the body and which is essential for ligament and tendon health. Instead of focusing solely on muscle repair, Frog Fuel aids the entire body, leading to greater flexibility and strength.

“Whey protein helps the most with muscles, but the way our bodies work is that muscles can get as big as you want, but if you can’t transfer that power through your ligaments and tendons, it doesn’t matter,” Saari says.

“When people think of strength, they think of a muscle, but the muscle is way less relevant than the connective tissue, the ligaments and tendons that connect and let that power transfer. Whey protein and plant proteins don’t really help you repair and strengthen connective tissues as much as collagen does.”

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Collagen is second only to water in abundance within the body, but as we age, the body produces less and less of this vital resource. Taking Frog Fuel regularly after a workout helps the body by providing it with the essential nutrition that it needs to thrive even as we grow older. As a result, athletes can remain competitive well into their 40s, 50s, even 60s – maintaining strength and dexterity in their muscles and ligaments.

There is one detriment to collagen, Saari says, which often creates resistance in people who may otherwise consider using it for recovery. It is not a complete protein - it contains only 18 amino acids. That is why the Frog Fuel team fortifies their collagen formula, creating a complete protein with all 22 essential, non-essential, and conditionally essential amino acids. Frog Fuel delivers everything a recovering athlete needs in one convenient ready-to-drink packet.

“It is not only great to strengthen your body, but as an injury prevention tool,” Saari says.

Although some other recovery supplements feature collagen (even fortified collagen), no other brand on the market has a formula that has been scientifically proven to fully digest within 15 minutes. This is critical for athletes – when the body can absorb the supplement completely, you can take less of it and lose nothing to waste.

“The pores in your stomach can easily digest proteins that are about 4000 Daltons or smaller, but ours is manufactured to 2500 Daltons,” Saari says. “By comparison, other hydrolyzed collagen, collagen peptides, and whey proteins can be 10-20k Daltons (or more), which is about 2-5 times larger than what your body can digest easily. So a lot goes to waste while your system chops it down to the digestible right size.”

With the highest quality nutrition and fast digestion time, Frog Fuel has become the go-to supplement for elite athletes looking to gain that competitive edge.

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