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Fun Gift Ideas for the Teen in Your Life

Giving the gift of self care can help your teen learn how to take care of themselves, destress, and support mental and physical wellness.
Fun Gift Ideas

When your kids become teenagers, a lot can change. For instance, the way you parent may change. The activities they enjoy can change. The clothes they wear, the friends they have, and their interests will likely change.

This change is normal! As your teen is figuring out who they are and who they want to be, there’s a lot in their life and yours that is bound to change. If this is your first holiday season with a teenager in the house, it can help to know what gifts they’ll enjoy.

This guide breaks down a range of fun gifts the teen in your life will love. Whether you’re a parent, guardian, fun aunt or uncle, or just have teenaged loved ones in your life, here’s what you need to know.

Gifts for Self Care

Teens are entering a time in life where school, work, hormones, social expectations, and life in general can become stressful. So, if you’re looking for fun gift ideas for cool kids in your life that can also help them relax, consider a self care item.

Self care items come in many forms. From taking care of mental health, physical health, relaxing, enjoying time with family and friends, and doing what you love, there are many ways your teen can engage in self care.

Giving the gift of self care can help your teen learn how to take care of themselves, destress, and support mental and physical wellness.

Giving the gift of self care can help your teen learn how to take care of themselves, destress, and support mental and physical wellness. Bubble belle has all the tools you need to give your teen the self care they need.

Fill their stocking with holiday themed bath bombs like a penguin, christmas tree, snowflake, snowman, and new year’s themes. With scents like peppermint, vanilla, and more, there are plenty of ways you can promote self care for the holidays. You can also find essential oils, shower accessories, and more.

Self care doesn’t only include bath items. It can also include practical ways to promote wellness and health. This is an especially great gift as the new year rolls around. Consider finding a gift like crystals for the teenager in your life. If you know their sign, you can coordinate a gift based on their astrological sign. There are Crystals for sagittarius and much more. Crystal gifts are a great way to support self-discovery, flow of energy, protection, manifestation, and positivity.

Practical Gift Ideas

When you think of fun gifts, you may not think of practical items. However, there are tons of fun ways to brighten up your teen’s life by giving them exciting, practical gifts. Below are a few of the best practical gift ideas for teens.

 Electronics and Accessories

Electronics are a necessary part of today’s world. From school, GPS, work, contact, social media, and more, there’s a lot your teen will need to access on phones and computers. There are a few ways you can give your teen practical gifts for their electronic devices this year.

For instance, consider giving them a customized phone case this year. Choose their favorite pattern, colors, animals, and more to customize a phone case that will stand out from the crowd. Plus, these cases are durable and can both protect your teen’s phone and last a long time.

Glasses for gaming are another excellent gift idea to give your teen this year. If your teen plays video games, works at their computer, or uses their phone often, potentially harmful blue light from digital devices can be harsh on their eyes.

This is where a pair of gaming glasses comes in handy! These help protect your teen’s eyes and keep them comfortable while they play video games, do homework, or just play on their phones. Plus, they’re available in a wide range of styles.

Gift Cards

For many, gift cards seem boring and thoughtless. However, for the teenager in your life, gift cards are a great way to show them you care! These gifts are practical, especially for the students in highschool or early college that could use some extra cash around the holidays.

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If you’re worried about a gift card not seeming thoughtful enough, take time to consider what your teen likes to do. If they enjoy eating out, get them a gift card for their favorite restaurant. If they enjoy driving or have to drive to and from work, consider a gas gift card. If they like clothes, look for a gift card to their favorite store.

There is no shortage of ways to make the teenager in your life smile this holiday season with a gift card.

Gift for Their Style

When your kids enter their teenage years, their style will likely change. This is the time where they figure out who they are and what style they enjoy. So, one of the best gifts you can give them is clothing. 

From basic t shirts, coats for the winter, school clothes, and new shoes, there are many ways you can make this gift unique. Ask the teenager you’re shopping for to make you a inspiration board

Unique Gift Ideas

If you can’t think of any practical gift ideas to get the teen in your life, they may be more suited toward a unique gift over something practical. There are many unique gift ideas that can show thoughtfulness and care to a teenager. Below are a few ideas to consider this holiday season. 

Gifts that Go Deeper

Sometimes, showing you care isn’t about what gift you choose. Rather, it’s about the why behind the gift. What made you think of them when you saw that gift? If you’re looking for a unique gift that goes deeper than what’s on the surface, look no further than Uncommon Goods.

With deeper causes at the heart of each product they choose to display, your purchase will not only go to the teen you love, but will help those in need, too. Not only can you find the perfect gift for everyone on your list this year, but you can feel good about supporting them.

Gifts for Pet Lovers

Does your teenager have a pet they love? Do they have a canine or feline best friend? Do they have a favorite animal? If so, nothing puts a smile on someone’s face like these portraits for dogs. Choose from funny family portraits, costumes, and famous actors or characters, make your portrait product, and place your order.

Plus, this is a gift the whole family can enjoy! Your teen will share their masterpiece with the whole family, whether it’s a blanket, coffee mug, or photo frame.

Gifts for Music Lovers

Album covers are another unique gift idea for the teen in your life. Albums are usually celebrated for their musical genius and beauty in how they sound. However, album covers show a deeper artistic meaning. Whether your teenager is a music lover, art lover, or both, this is an excellent gift for them.


Consider some of the most iconic album covers of all time from The Rolling Stones, The Bee Gees, The Velvet Underground, and the Go-Gos.

Happy Holidays for You and Your Teen

It can feel intimidating to shop for your teenager, especially as they first enter young adulthood. Their interests can change so much as they go from child to teen. However, this guide can help you hand pick the best gift for the special teenager in your life. Get started today for a happy holiday for you and your teen.

Tiqua Crawford