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Some might say that an entrepreneurial spirit is strictly developed over the course of the years, but Gabrielle proves that it can certainly be innate. From an early age, she enjoyed observing her environment and brainstorming potential business ideas. Later at the age of 20, Gabrielle co-founded a fitness company that sold fitness equipment and clothing across Canada and the United States.

Gabrielle Breton

She found inspiration in other leaders, learned from their advice and actions, and nourished her affirmed aspiration to become one of them. When there’s a shift in trends or market dynamics, she seizes the opportunities and analyses how it could result in viable projects.

Though she did this exercise for many years, it is only about a year ago that she launched her very first big business project. She now works consistently in order to improve, grow and better her vision as the leader of a marketing agency, House of Socials. Most importantly, Gabrielle believes that knowledge can never be taken for granted. Her eagerness to learn makes her always on top of things, alongside her strong intuition and creativity. This is translated in the way she recruits new clients, chooses her marketing strategies, and more. She also genuinely supports causes surrounding the topics of women empowerment and health, which are often at the very basis of her visions and ambitions.


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