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If someone will tell you that gambling can positively affect your health, you will more likely think he is joking. In fact, a moderate gambling activity is good for health. Playing in an online casino is limited stress. Continuous medical experiments proved that controlled play is an excellent anti-stress exercise. Playing regularly can help reduce tension and improve well-being. Are you intrigued? Let’s study the topic in detail.

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What Is the Benefit of Physical Excitement?

Playing regularly can help reduce tension and improve well-being.

Slot machines and card games are considered by scientists as the causative agents of the central nervous system. As a result, they affect the human’s body in the following way:

  • The body starts producing dopamine, serotonin, and adrenaline;
  • The blood is saturated with these hormones, which boosts brain activity;
  • Joy, pleasant excitement, little stress – the feeling that the player experiences during the game;
  • The human body has a similar effect during sex or sports training.

Finally, scientists came up with several conclusions after conducting this experiment:

1. A small dose of stress trains the central nervous system;

2. Physical resistance to stress increases;

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3. Gambling regularly increases the durability of work;

4. The hormones that occur during gambling are beneficial when dosed. As a result, cognitive function is trained.

Part of the tests was aimed at studying the duration of the effect of the realized excitement. It turned out that amateur players with experience are less prone to memory loss with age than those who are not addicted to gambling at all.

During the research of the category of people whose profile gambling was listed in the “Hobby” column, it was possible to find out that they are more stress-resistant and not prone to emotional fatigue. Excellent work capacity and stamina allow them to achieve great success at work, including career growth.

It is a proven fact that gambling trains not only the psyche but also mental activity. During the regular play, people train their attention and logical thinking, from which mental abilities also benefit.


Developing a strategy, creating a balanced approach to the gambling process, calculating combinations, and the probability of winning – all these actions positively affect your mental health. This effect is reflected in everyday life:

  • The speed of decision-making increases;
  •  A person acts calmly in a difficult situation;
  • The number of conflicts is decreasing;
  • The number of cases of non-standard, effective thinking is increasing.

Finally, it is worth noting that these results do not include gambling-addicted people. In this case, the effect of play on a person can be compared with the effect of drugs: when the dose is increased, it has a negative effect. However, a predisposition to addiction was revealed in only 5% of those who have ever played or bet in casinos. In general, gambling can be impressively beneficial.