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The technology used in smartphones are continuously upgraded and enhanced, and processing potential matches premium computers. For enjoying live games or playing casino online, your smartphone can connect to the website and can handle all information and processing. For mobile games and online casino gambling, you can log on to their site or use apps to play or gamble. Are gaming apps free to download? Answer to this question is in some comes free and for others, you have to pay. Mobile and computer gaming apps have two categories; one is premium for which you have to pay, and the other is free, just download and install in your mobile or computer.

Gaming Apps

Free gaming apps

If you do not want to fish out money for gaming apps, then there is an array of free gaming apps to select from.

If you do not want to fish out money for gaming apps, then there is an array of free gaming apps to select from. Some gaming apps are immensely popular like Clash of Clans which boast of 47 million downloads tangkasnet, PUBG mobile, Angry Birds and Minecraft are other examples of popular free apps. You can download it from the app store without paying a single penny. They are free from downloading and playing perspective, but there is a financial aspect from another approach.

When you enter a restaurant, you do not pay an admission fee, but you pay for the food and drink you have. The service and item for consumption is an integral part of the product. An illustrious model is an online casino. On line, casinos operate and survive like land-based casinos from the bets the gamblers offers. Online casinos are of two types:

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Web-based online casino, you just log into it through a web browser, register and start playing. The other is a download-based online casino. You have to download the app on your smartphone or computer. After installation, the app connects you to the casino`s website directly. You do not need a browser for connecting to the website, and the app is likely to run faster than a browser-based application.

Downloading a casino app or logging into a casino website is absolutely free. Once you register and create an account, you can play various games like slot, poker, and roulette without any deposit. But if you want some real thrill and excitement and want to win a sum which can is life-changing, then you have to deposit real money.

Free gaming apps contain advertisements from where the developer earns a royalty. Sometimes when you open the app, you earn virtual currency which can be used to play the game. There is always an option to buy an ad-free version. Free gaming apps have inbuilt micro-transaction in it. Developers ask you to upgrade the version for a better gaming experience for a fee. Up to a certain level of the game is free, but if you want to play the whole version of the game, then you have to buy it.

In 2018 the global gaming industry was worth 137.8 billion $, and by 2021 it is expected to reach over 180 billion$. Mobile games account for more than 50% of the total revenue. Another interesting fact is the major chunk of the revenue comes from premium games.