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The house is made up of several rooms that serve and function differently. The living room is a cradle where the family spends time on leisure. The kitchen is where they cook and eat home-cooked meals. And the living room is the sanctuary where tranquility and peace reside. However, there’s a portion in the house every family tends to overlook, but of greater purpose, the garage.

The garage is a part of the house that contains often-used items, such as mechanical tools. It’s also where the family parks their car and vehicle like a bicycle. In fact, it’s even a requirement to have a garage in the US. But, just like any rooms, a garage has a door that needs to be dependable as it’s externally exposed.

If you’re experiencing problems with your garage door and feel unsafe and threatened by thieves, well, don’t worry because we will provide solutions to common garage door problems.

1. Door Creates Noise

A noisy garage door is one of the common problems that every household experiences. Perhaps, the annoying clanking garage door is what hinders you or a member of your family from sleeping soundly at night. And if the noise continues to cause distractions within your abode, you need immediate repair.


Stopping the prolonged agony of loud and annoying sound is easy, as the garage door can be easily fixed through quick replacement of new gears. If you’re in Brisbane or anywhere nearby, you can start by seeking professionals who specialize in garage doors from Brisbane garage doors, your problem can be resolved with no sweat.

2. Doesn’t Close or Open in Winter

Severe winter can cause malfunctioning garage doors. It stiffens the door’s essential gears, which are the primary components that allow the door from opening and closing. Moreover, if you still refuse to fix it right away, it can be troublesome in the long run because not only does the chilling cold penetrate your house, but your home would become prone to burglars.


If this problem happens in your garage door, don’t worry because you can personally fix it. First, find the screw in the motor unit to adjust the level of the opener’s sensitivity, but please refer to the manual for exact instruction. Second, since the winter can corrode the gears, you must lubricate the components using an appropriate lubricating oil.

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3. Door Won’t Respond to the Remote or Keypad

Take note that it’s not always the garage door that needs to be blamed for not functioning well because, more often than not, it’s the remote or keypad controller that causes the fuss.


Since the modern garage door opener uses a wireless controller, one of the reasons why the garage door won’t open or close is because of the range of antennas installed in the door. With that said, whenever you try to close or open it, you must be within the range of the antenna’s coverage. Meanwhile, if you find no issues with the coverage, you should check the garage door controller’s battery. If that’s the case, replace the old batteries with new ones.

4. Broken Glass

Considering the wide area that the garage door consumed, it would probably be prone to minor or major incidents, especially if it has glasses. Glass windows are fragile and can be easily broken with hard objects like stones or whenever kids play pitching a baseball. Further, when you just let it open and unfixed, insects and wild animals can freely enter.


Installing a garage door with glass windows in it can be a disadvantageous choice. Although it can be more appealing than any other type of garage door, remember that safety and durability are more important than aesthetics. Instead, you can install an industrialized-type garage door since its dependability is compromised with modernity.

5. Uneven Movement

Besides the problem in opening and closing, people also encounter uneven garage door movement. If this situation ever occurs to you, an obstruction lies within the components and gears that need to be removed or fixed. Typically, it’s the rusted tracks and damaged springs that cause uneven garage door movement.


For the garage door’s rusted tracks, apply and wipe the tracks with lubricants to remove the rust. When the tracks are corroded, there might be water leakage or exposure to rain during extreme rain season. Further, the rust can be due to low maintenance or having no regular maintenance at all.

On the other hand, it can be the spring system that causes uneven movement. The spring might be producing much or little to no tension. If this happens, you must call and hire garage door professionals for an immediate solution.


Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

Indeed, the garage is one of the areas in the house that’s not given much attention. They often see it as just plain storage. But, little did they know, the garage is an essential portion of the house. It’s more than just storage or shed for vehicles because safety and security is also determined in this area. Therefore, it’s vital that you have a sturdy garage door, and when problems occur, fix it before the nick of time.