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Geisha Tea House

The metaverse is about to experience a whole new level of exclusivity akin to the olden traditions of geishas in Japan as the upcoming non-fungible token (NFT) community called Geisha Tea House slowly makes its way to the blockchain. Known for their timeless beauty and mysterious attributes, the geishas have always been the center of curiosity for many cultures. Their much-anticipated arrival in the metaverse is something that is exciting for digital art collectors, NFT enthusiasts, and investors alike as the community revealed that it would feature 10,000 cyborg geishas on minting day.

Its pre-sale date will be on December 17, and the anticipation of its coming is still steadily growing. Each token during the whitelist sale can be bought for 0.0777 ETH, while it will go up to 0.0888 ETH during the public sales. The whitelist spots will only accommodate 20 people, and one NFT worth 0.0888 ETH will be given away for free on minting day.

The story of the Geisha Tea House begins far into the future on Sept. 4, 2049, when the world is hit by an all-destroying cyber attack. The said attack eradicated digital life, consumed peoples’ income, and erased all of humanity. This horrific world event spared a young cyborg geisha named Mink and a handful of young apprentices or Maikos. They managed to survive by hiding in the Akirelu Okiya, a stronghold and safe haven for their kind.

The story of the Geisha Tea House begins far into the future on Sept. 4, 2049, when the world is hit by an all-destroying cyber attack.

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Over time, these survivors began to thrive and increase in number, from a mere five cyborg geishas to 10,000 strong in just a span of 12 months. All of these cyborg geishas hang out at the Sukiya Tea Room in the Metaverse Hanamachi district. This place is also known as the Geisha Tea House. Within its exclusive and safe confines, token owners can connect and interact with other like-minded individuals, do business together, and be entertained by the unique artistry of the geishas.

During minting, the geisha characters will be randomly generated, combining multiple traits that make up a wide array of characters that are breathtaking. Future holders will see various kimonos, assets, houses, lips, hands, swords, masks, eyes, and even pipes. Put together, these features form one of the most remarkable digital arts that ever crossed the metaverse.

The Geisha Tea House was founded by Regal Star, Akil Wade, and Lukas Novotny. It will feature two community roadmaps, the first one composed of common moves, including launching, marketing, and promotions. The second roadmap is where all the fun begins as a percentage of sales commissions will be used to set up investment funds for business-related events within the community. Known as the symbol of wealth and a closed community, business leaders and entrepreneurs can freely interact within the community. They will also host monthly keynote speakers to add value to the experience of its holders. The community will also come with Launchpad features, ready to introduce future VR events and projects when the right time comes. The project will also give holders access to NFT/Business Incubator.

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Learn more about The Geisha Tea House by visiting its website. Follow its Twitter account and join their Discord for updates on its latest projects. Visit its Instagram account to view the community’s gallery of geisha characters.