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The digital world is seeing many significant advancements daily. But not every piece of news gets the attention of an audience. Hence, two innovators, Marko Danial and Adam Meskouri started working together to create Genfluencer.

At present, around 4 billion people use social media platforms to make their presence in the digital space. Moreover, they are also making use of many social media handles to gain knowledge on different subjects.

Genfluencer is a digital news platform that showcases digital news stories from different fields across the world.

Genfluencer is a digital news platform that showcases digital news stories from different fields across the world. Both Marko Danial and Adam Meskouri work along with their team of contributors to cover the latest digital trends in technology, innovation, social media news, and pop culture.

The digital platform focuses on throwing light on the latest cultural revolutions, marketing developments, and technology updates.

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Genfluencer covers the latest online trends to make people acquainted with the innovative happenings in different areas. Genfluencer is an excellent platform for influential people to share their stories with the world with a commitment to feature successful internet creators.

Marko Danial founded Genfluencer, and later on, Adam Meskouri became co-owner. At the core of their strategy, they decided to create Genfluencer to stop purely negative social media news from consuming the attention and time of people. As such, many of their stories talk about the power of internet culture and how it influences post-modern life.

Marko Danial, also known as Pharaoic, is a talented personality who creates unique content for his digital audiences. Apart from Genfluencer, Marko Danial is also the founder & CEO of Spzrts. Additionally, he has received over 1 million followers on his Instagram page, @Techineer, a tech page that grows immensely.

Adam Meskouri is an influencer who uploads content that reaches millions of people daily. His Instagram page, @Gadgetings, recently eclipsed 625,000 followers. Outside of Genfluencer, he is a competitive public speaker who enjoys writing.


Genfluencer is a suitable digital platform for young creators to share their unique perspectives and views online. Still, it is also promoting the spread of innovative events in different fields at a global level. Their stories cover various daily topics and continuously provide up-to-date, relevant news. Genfluencer’s uniqueness comes from their ability to connect all stories to online trends and roots, emphasizing their mission statement about capturing the digital world’s reach.

Tiqua Jackson