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Music is more than just a combination of beat, tempo, and sound. Conveying messages that an artist wants to convey, touching the hearts and minds of listeners, and bringing colors to a bland day, music is a soulful piece—for many, music is life. While many turn to music to feel alive, GeoMike122 uses music to bring life. With his unique and creative methods in making music, GeoMike122 creates a sound pop album that is truly unique.

GeoMike122 is a musical artist born in Westwood, New Jersey, on January 22, 1986. Originally named Michael Ciolino, GeoMike122 is a rising artist, undoubtedly marking his name in the music industry. He uses sound elements and beats in expressing music, and he utilizes his keen sense of hearing in discovering music from the common noises in everyday life.

One of the things that make GeoMike122 unique from other musical artists is their heightened sense of hearing.

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One of the things that make GeoMike122 unique from other musical artists is their heightened sense of hearing. GeoMike122 has Attention Deficit Disorder, which allows them to hear all kinds of noises other people do not. They hear music from common noises. May it be the whistling sound of the train, the creaking sound of a wooden floor, or the closing sound of a door, they create masterpieces from the sounds of ordinary life. GeoMike122 is a true genius, and people are set to witness their artistry upon listening to his released albums.

Since the start of his promotion on various social media and music platforms on January 31, 2021, GeoMike122 has been the talk of the town as the next big thing in the music industry. Having over 210,000 streams on Spotify alone as of September 17, 2021, his masterpieces have received high praise and appreciation from people all over the world. GeoMike122’s tracks showcase a paradigm shift in music and will eventually bring pop music to the next level.

GeoMike122 takes inspiration on creating music from his traveling experiences. He said, “Traveling opens your eyes to new landscapes, foods, cultures, and people.” All these things are manifested in his music. From sounds, lyrics to the mood of the songs, each track consists of tempo and beat reflecting life. Believing that experiences of traveling make the best music and loving the idea of sharing his experiences with fans, GeoMike122 decided to travel and go live on his trips last August to Florida, California, New Jersey, and Rome. With his sincere love for his fans and his sincerity, GeoMike122 gained almost 130,000 followers on Instagram.

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A rising artist that is undoubtedly the next big thing in the music industry, GeoMike122 is a musical artist with a distinct sound. Currently, they are set to take the music industry by storm on October 22, 2021, upon the release of their new album, Michael Ciolino, highlighting musical and personal adventures. Reminding fans and audience alike to be whimsical, GeoMike122 invites everyone to come and join them in being true to oneself.

Michael Ciolino can be pre-saved here. To know more about GeoMike122 or his released albums, you may visit his Instagram account.