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George Floyd Mural

George Floyd’s name has been on the lips of everyone over the past year. His death generated multiple protests around the world against police brutality after the video of his arrest circulated all over the internet. In the video, Dereck Chauvin – a police officer – had his knee on George Floyd’s neck and did not remove it even when Floyd stated for multiple times that he couldn’t breathe. 

What followed were months of controversy, protests, division, and tensions that fueled the crisis of trust in police forces. Chauvin’s trial ended last month, but reactions to the trial verdict may spark division again and fuel even more racial tension.

George Floyd mural, vandalized again

Throughout the past year, George Floyd became a symbol used to draw attention towards racial discrimination, police brutality, and unfairness. Many artists across the United States and the rest of the world paid their respect towards Floyd by creating artistic representations to show their support towards the cause. 

Since the mural was unveiled, it was vandalized no less than five times, with the last event happening just one week ago.

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One such example is a mural created outside the Laugh Factory in Hollywood, which depicted Floyd’s face, together with the names of multiple victims of police brutality and the message “We the People”, by an artist known as MuckRock. The mural was unveiled last year and was received with great pride and compassion by the owner, employees, artists, and fans that frequented the comedy club Laugh Factory, but others had different opinions. 

Since the mural was unveiled, it was vandalized no less than five times, with the last event happening just one week ago. Greg Waskul, communications director at Laugh Factory, states he believes this is an act of pure hate, not just mere vandalism. 

The police confirmed the act of vandalism after reviewing a video in which a man is seen defacing the mural by throwing and then smearing white paint all over it. The man was wearing a white hoodie and was seen coming by with multiple cans of paint, set to destroy the mural. 

The mural is set to be repainted

The previous vandalism attempts were nowhere near as damaging as the last one, but Laugh Factory CEO, Jamie Masada, says it costs them around $3,000 to clean the mess and replace the work every time someone decides to engage in these acts of hatred. 

MuckRock, the artist who painted the mural, was contacted shortly after the incident. She stated she will come by this week to resurrect her work and invited anyone interested in watching the process to join. She went on to say that, judging by the damage that was done, the mural will probably need to be almost entirely repainted. In her own words, the mural “sitting there like that feels terrible, for anyone having to see it”. 

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The subject exploded on social media, with people taking to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to share their rage and sadness towards this heartless act. Most people agree it is a sight of gratuitous hatred that does not do any good to anyone.