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Father's Day Gift Guide

Rokey Jhonson: While we know that no two dads are the same, we rounded up a guide for different types of Dad to help you choose the perfect gift wisely.

It’s almost June 16, and that means it’s time to prepare a gift for the most special man in the world for Father’s Day. You still have a couple of weeks far way at the moment, but you might want to avoid the toxic last-minute scramble. Get ahead of everybody else by obtaining a gift as early as now. While we know that no two dads are the same, we rounded up a guide for different types of Dad to help you choose the perfect gift wisely.

Gift Guide

The Tech-Savvy Dad

While we know that no two dads are the same, we rounded up a guide for different types of Dad to help you choose the perfect gift wisely.

With the booming digital age, plenty of modern technological innovations are available to make daily living a lot easier. Most dads are also updated with the latest trends in technology. If your dad falls in this category, consider one these gifts:

  • Fitness Tracker: Some apps and gadgets help people track their health condition. Personal fitness trackers, for instance, would be an excellent gift to help Dad track his health status from the number of steps he takes daily to his pulse and heart rate.
  • Portable Camera: Onboard cameras that can be attached to sporting equipment is quite the trend these days. Give your dad a camera which he can use to record every moment on his mountain bike trips or when he does kayaks on whitewater.
  • Tools Related to His Hobby: To make your dad incredibly happy, give him something that he will surely appreciate, such as things that he is passionate about. For instance, if your dad is into woodworking, then opt for devices or tools that would encourage his hobby. A floor drill press and other woodworking gadgets that make your work easy are recommended for this scenario. If you're interested, go now.

The Sports Fan Dad

Whether he loves playing sports or simply enjoys watching how the game unfolds, these cool gifts are sure to delight his competitive spirit.

  • Game Tickets: The best way to make your sports fanatic dad happy is to gift him tickets to a live game event of his favorite sport. You may buy tickets for the entire family, so everyone gets to celebrate with your dad as well.
  • Television Subscription to Sports Channels: Subscription to sports television shows or a one-time broadcast event of a boxing match or baseball game is a sure pleaser among dads.
  • New Sports Gear: If your dad is also an athlete, you may purchase him new gear for his routine workouts – new athletic shoes, lacrosse defensive heads, a tennis racket, or comfy track pants are just a few options.

The Fashionable Dad

While a collared shirt, a chick tie or a new pair of branded socks are popular gifts during Father’s Day, you may also go a little different from the traditional gifts for a fashion-forward dad with these following gift ideas:

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  • Computer-accessories Bag: If your father is frequent at conferences or business-related special events, then a gift that will showcase his profession, such as a chick computer-accessories bag, would be an excellent idea.
  • An Elegant Watch: Men loves collecting and cherishing quality timepieces. So, a simple yet sophisticated looking watch is never the wrong decision for a Father’s Day gift.
  • New pair of loafers: A good match for your dad’s sharp suit to wear on conferences is a stylish pair of loafers. Let your dad feel confident and fashionable all at once with a new pair of shoes to fit his outfit of the day.
  • Cigars: If your Dad is a smoking lover, giving him a good pair of Cigars will be an extraordinary gift for him. If you don't know which one to choose you should know that Cuban cigars tend to be the best ones. If there is no shop nearby to buy them you can also get Cuban cigars online.

The Well-Groomed Dad

If your dad likes to pay particular attention to his personal hygiene, then Father’s day is the best opportunity to reward him with some grooming must-haves. Pamper him with some grooming gifts he’ll surely appreciate. Here are some recommendations:

  • Shaving Kit: If your father frequently travels for business, make sure he can stay well-groomed with a portable shaving kit to aid his travel easier. There are a lot of quality shaving products available in the market, but a shaving cream that comes with a refreshing scent would be a great choice.
  • Facial Products: Keep your dad looking young and wrinkle-free with facial moisturizers and antioxidant serums. Glycolic facial products are also an excellent choice for fathers who sweats a lot in the gym or due to work. These products help remove dead skin cells for a brighter and clearer skin.
  • A New and Classic Fragrance: A fragrance that highlights masculine redolence is a great way to spoil your dad and make him feel like a brand new man.

Rokey Jhonson