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going green

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By taking care of the planet we live on, we can help support a better future for all individuals. Becoming more sustainable can be a difficult process. There are so many ways that we can improve our lifestyle to support a better earth. Whether you are passionate about air quality or climate change, there are many simple things you can do to begin your journey of “going green.” In this article, we will highlight a few tips that help support an eco-friendly lifestyle.

1: Carpool

Carpooling is one the simplest ways that you can decrease the vehicle emissions in the air. Not only does this improve the overall air-quality, it helps to decrease smog.

2: Support Sustainable Brands

No matter what product you are looking for, there are brands in every industry that practice sustainability.

No matter what product you are looking for, there are brands in every industry that practice sustainability. When you do the necessary research, you can find brands that have regulations that support a better earth. Some sustainable brands include:

3: Stop Buying Plastic Water Bottles

Purchasing a reusable water bottle is one of the simplest things you can do to improve the world. The utilization of reusable water bottles reduces the amount of plastic water bottles that are disposed of annually. This reduction helps decrease overall waste and harmful gas that is being emitted into the air.

4: Lend to a Friend

Many people are opting to “freecycle” rather than purchasing new products. Freecycling is the practice of borrowing a product or allowing someone to borrow an item of yours. Not only does freecycling allow you to save money, it allows you to lessen waste. Freecycling improves relationships, optimizes budgets, and promotes sustainability.

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5: Recycle

When you have the option, recycle! By recycling, you can ensure that products are being recirculated rather than disposed of. Recycling improves the environment by reducing waste and negativing gas emmitence.

6: Support Local Nonprofits

There are many small nonprofits that are diligently working to improve the environment. By supporting the eco-friendly nonprofits near you, you can make an impact on the earth.

7: Unplug The Electronics

Leaving electronics plugged in when they are not being used, increases the energy being circulated in your home. Save energy and money by unplugging devices.

8: Buy Local

Whether you are searching for food or goods, prioritize buying local. Supporting local farmers not only improves the environment, it improves the economy. Buying local goods reduces the emissions being used in transportation processes and preserving practices.

9: Support Fair Trade Businesses

Fair trade certified companies not only support fair labor, they support eco-friendly practices. When you have the option, look for fair trade products.


Every individual is responsible for taking care of the Earth. There are so many easy ways that you can begin “going green” today. Consider carpooling and sharing products with your friends and family. Prioritize recycling and purchasing locally sourced goods. When everyone makes an effort to support the environment, the world becomes a better place.