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When it comes to the NFL, there are a lot of outstanding players, but there is one player that stands out above the majority of the players on the field. It's difficult to dispute with this statement since there are so many good players to choose. However, in this article, we have highlighted one player who stands out above the others, and you will be familiar with this person as he is considered as legendary within the sport.

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Time to honour one of the best NFL players to have step foot on the field and that is…

Tom Brady

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In the national football league, soft skills are significantly more important than raw ability when it comes to the quarterback position and Tom Brady has shown that time and time again. Tom Brady’s accomplishments are amazing, he has seven Super Bowl victories, five MVP honours, five NFL MVPs, and a total of 15 Pro Bowl appearances.

Did you know? Tom Brady has only missed out on one season throughout his whole career and that was in 2008 when he suffered an injury in their season opening victory. However, in total, Brady has started in 363 games (316 appearances in the regular season and 47 appearances in the playoffs) and this is across 22 seasons.

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Tom Brady has been in the Super Bowl almost half of his NFL seasons, which is a remarkable feat in today's NFL. You can't dispute that he is a champion, regardless of whether you like him or dislike him. Tom Brady has won the AFC East 17 times in his NFL career (a record in the league) and has a lifetime win-loss record of 214 to 63 in his career. It's quite an accomplishment for someone who went undrafted in the 2000 NFL Draft yet eventually made it to the NFL and played for the first time.