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Green Cosmetics Trend

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As we move toward changing the way we interact with our world and with one another, the green cosmetics trend is leading the charge. More and more consumers are more concerned about how their beauty products are made than they are the products themselves. Decades ago green cosmetics meant not testing on animals. But in today’s world, green cosmetics means environmentally conscious packaging, sustainably and ethically sourced ingredients, no animal testing, and being based in nature. Now your personal care and beauty regimen doesn’t have to come at the expense of our Earth’s future.

Your Health

As more evidence comes to light about many of the ingredients we use in cosmetics like blotting paper and lip balm, consumers and businesses are adjusting. Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder, for instance, was a staple in most households until recently, until it was tied to the big “C.” With these kinds of links coming to the forefront, consumers are wanting to use products that don’t include carcinogenic, toxic and environmentally dangerous ingredients. Green cosmetics are pushing us to think about our health in new ways. We’re not just thinking about what we put into our bodies, we’re also thinking about what we’re putting on our bodies and how our bodies interact with various products. This newfound consciousness is getting people to question what is actually in their health’s best interest.

The Environment’s Health

What’s the point of being more healthy and not having a healthy world to move within? Green cosmetics are an answer to that question.

What’s the point of being more healthy and not having a healthy world to move within? Green cosmetics are an answer to that question. In addition to being much more healthy for your skin and body, green cosmetics are pushing us to choose products that do more to help the environment than to tear it down. Using chemical-free, recyclable and reusable packaging is just one way many brands are serving the environment. Another environmentally conscious is small-batch production to reduce the amount of energy that is used in developing and creating cosmetics. Using ethically sourced ingredients is also important. By not supporting things like deforestation and labor exploitation, green cosmetics brands are putting their bottom line where their ethics and human responsibilities are. 

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Because green cosmetics are making such headway in the beauty industry, larger brands that haven’t been using green practices in the past are being pushed into the green arena. This in turn brings awareness to a customer base who may not have expressed interest in or been aware of the green trend before. And because more and more consumers are looking to spend their hard-earned money with companies that align with their values and moral compass, every business is having to put their ethics and values on display in order to gain trust and authority in their industry.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

The more eyes that are being opened to the possibility of maintaining both our health and our environment with the products we use, the more opportunities there are for us to better our world. Everything that we do is interconnected and impacts life on both a micro and macro level. Green cosmetics understands this connection and allows us to bridge the gap between environmentalism and looking good.