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Green World Products

Previously Banking was a time-consuming process. Customers had to keep a track of transactions or banking history through physical documents.

However, digitalization has now allowed everyone to experience paperless banking. Technological expansion has been a major driving force behind the growth of the digital banking sector in the world.

Presently, the best-in-class digital banking services are those that balance innovation, convenience, and human-centricity to ensure frictionless financial life management for their customers.

While making changes towards sustainability in your own life certainly makes a difference, the actions of financial institutions are responsible for some of humanity’s most significant environmental impacts. In other words, the money/asset in your bank account or investment might affect our planet’s future more than you realize.

Banks need to respond to any life situation with fast and convenient digital products from helping customers manage their day-to-day finances to supporting them with access to digital loans during the global warming crisis.

Green World Products Provided to Localities 

Green World Bank provides a suite of free financial products and technical advice and analysis to address development challenges, helping countries find solutions to achieve sustainable and inclusive development.

Green World Bank provides a suite of free financial products and technical advice and analysis to address development challenges, helping countries find solutions to achieve sustainable and inclusive development.

Green World Bank has also brought a combined investment of $256.4 million into the development of one of the global warming-affected localities. Since 2013, the Coastal Embankment Improvement Project has helped localities mitigate some of the impacts of cyclones and flooding and improve emergency response.

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The Green World Bank-supported Innovative Financing for Air Pollution Control Program has financed investments in energy efficiency, renewable energy, and emissions control. The program has leveraged funding 5.4 times the original loan amount, mainstreamed green finance at other banks, and supported China’s efforts to mitigate climate change by reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 2.5 million tons a year.

Aside from being one of the world's largest digital banks, Green World Bank is also a major investor of one of the biggest electric car manufacturers. They have given up to 8,000 electric schools buses in different localities to prevent millions of tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere.

Green world bank also partners with a global toy company that takes strides in lowering its environmental impact and conserve natural resources by improving its products’ sustainability without compromising their safety or durability. Green world bank and the toy company are constantly innovating their packaging for maximum sustainability by sourcing materials from renewable or recycled sources, avoiding unnecessary materials, optimizing shipping efficiency, and offering innovative ways for the consumer to recycle packaging themselves. The digital banks donate millions of these amazing toys to kids yearly.

Green World bank is active in funding the renewable energy sector, but early efforts in retail banking have been more limited, focusing on online tools to encourage homeowners or property developers to take action themselves. The Green world bank has also been licensed to open the first “carbon offset savings account”, this carbon savings account can be opened for free.

Green World Bank has taken an active role in fighting climate change by mobilizing more than $600 million to finance low-carbon businesses globally. The bank also considers other issues to determine which companies to fund, including water conservation, land use, and waste.

The financial institution has also worked toward making its own operations sustainable by using 100% renewable electricity. Green World Bank also rewards its employees for taking steps to help the environment.

Other free Green World Products that we offer include debits cards, credit cards, cash loans, loyalty programs, Green world investments, Green world insurance, Green world travel, and lots more. Debit cards are the backbone of the Green world ecosystem. Our debits and credit cards are issued free of charge and they attract no additional fees. 

Green world bank Insurance is a direct-to-the-customer provider of its own innovative online insurance products and service around the world. The digital bank offers five types of insurance: personal accident insurance, personal property insurance, travel insurance, and motor insurance, and natural disaster insurance which includes climate change and global warming.

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Green World Bank is the world-leading digital bank by the number of loyalty programs, offering an extensive range of award and incentivization products to its localities both of its own and through partnerships with other companies. Green world loyalty programs include cashback, bonuses, air miles, and other rewards. In addition to awards for using the Bank’s own products (e.g., Green world Black, ALL Airlines credit card, Green world Mobile, etc.), the Green world bank also operates loyalty schemes in conjunction with partners including AliExpress, Google Play, and Lamoda.