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When you're struggling to secure conversions or encourage customers through your sales pipeline, there may be a flaw within your selling technique. Even if you have a product that should theoretically sell itself, there may be steps within your sales process that create bottlenecks, impede progress, or impact customer touchpoints. That's why so many entrepreneurs and business owners turn to guided selling practices and tools.

Be it a software application, business strategy, or tech solution, guided selling is an incredibly seller-centric method that can help you encourage more conversions and expand your brand if you use it correctly. First, however, this means understanding the fundamentals of guided selling as a practice. So here's what you need to know about this sales strategy and its business applications.

What is guided selling?

If your sales team doesn't currently leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning, your brand may likely fall behind evolving industry standards. After all, guided selling empowers your sales team, benefits customers looking for the right products, and even encourages buying decisions. Guided sales can benefit eCommerce businesses, brick-and-mortar stores, and industrial brands like manufacturing companies. Guided selling for manufacturing companies, in particular, makes it much easier for your sales reps to connect buyers to the right products. This greatly benefits your workflow, regardless of your company size.

If your sales team doesn't currently leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning, your brand may likely fall behind evolving industry standards.

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When you pair a guided sales application with an effective CPQ solution, each salesperson then has an effective vendor toolkit that speeds up the sales workflow, encourages quicker conversions, and uplifts market teams. This also leads to a smoother customer experience and more favorable opinions of the product. CPQ software and guiding sales are critical components of the United States entrepreneurial playbook, so you must make the right investments.

Guided sales help you maintain touchpoints.

Guided sales also help you look at the entire scope of the job and make more informed decisions. It's important, however, to ensure that your sales process makes sense and works intuitively for each salesperson. For example, say you run a cannabis brand. While it's important to have on-site guided sales for your edibles, CBD oils, and other hemp and THC products, it's also important to think of external sales encouragement and brand placements.


Especially if you're a distributor and you're providing weed strains to vendors and retailers, this can help you maintain better communication and nurture your external sales opportunities. For instance, a guided sales platform can inform you if you need to respond to a deal with a prominent site like It can also help advise sales reps on when to reach out, and it provides reliable insight into customer contact.

This also helps provide you with real-time information, which, when combined with a product configurator, helps you increase your conversion rate and streamline the product selection process. Whether you're trying to anticipate and maneuver around upcoming market fluctuations or you're trying to handle additional stakeholders and buyers when they enter the equation, your sales team must know about any changes as they happen. This means fewer people come to any deal uninformed, which helps internal operations, customer relationships, and potential buyer leads. With a guided sales strategy, you're investing in more holistic business coverage that can help you develop a market advantage and grow your market share.

Guided sales can impact many aspects of your business.

When you invest in guided sales and sales visualization, you're creating an information center for your business. Guided selling combines effective business strategies, sales best practices, and conversion-oriented project management to help your sales representatives flourish and your brand grow. So whether you want to turn your sales representatives into pros or you want to find smarter ways to promote notable products, a guided sales approach may be able to help.