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The crypto world is going through a remarkable time in history as the world gets to understand digital currencies and what they mean for the future of money. The gradual recognition of cryptocurrency saw Bitcoin as a sole player for a long time before others began to join the field.

The latest entrant is H3RO3S, set to launch soon.

H3RO3S is a marketing system that is revolutionized to offer incentives to its users and affiliates.

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H3RO3S is a marketing system that is revolutionized to offer incentives to its users and affiliates. Led by CEO Gregory Crous, the company has set its mark in the industry. Therefore, H3RO3S users, aka Superheroes, can redeem their incentives by completing tasks for one another. In addition to this, H3RO3S sets affiliate programs with businesses within 1km of a University campus. It is a mutually beneficial exchange for H3RO3S users.

Currently, H3RO3S charges a subscription fee of $10 per week, which users can quadruple in earnings by completing tasks. The redeem program enables students to get free rewards. And, to take it a step further, H3RO3S is stepping into the crypto world, where they are expected to launch with 1 billion tokens.

As they work on the launch, their aim is to be represented in universities across the UK to allow for expansion outside the UK. Coupling their affiliate program with tokenomics will open up the company to recognition from more users and naturally spark curiosity amongst everyday people observing transactions. Their goal is to open the market to the wider population, making H3RO3S accessible in more parts of the world.

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H3RO3S is currently trademarked and has the European market locked. Before the launch, the team, led by Gregory Crous, is hard at work, creating events to drum up brand awareness and familiarize users with their H3RO3S coin logo. This will be displayed in all free merchandise issued at these events.

The future for H3RO3S looks bright as their detailed expansion plans are airtight. The team’s dedication is unmatched, and considering the market shifts, H3RO3S is right on time to the crypto party.