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Hai Dinho

There are many social media companies emerging every year but there is a reason TikTok became a highly adopted application. Some of the variables that contributed to their success came from the implication of music, trendy video effects and the algorithm for small creators to grow at a fast pace. One of the advantages of TikTok is that it allows literally any individual or business to make it big. All it takes is one viral video to become a known entity on their application. 

We had the opportunity to converse with a TikTok influencer, Hai Dinho, where he provides insightful tricks to increase the chances of going viral with each video you post. Hai Dinho is a creator/entrepreneur that focus on producing revolutionary content, inspiring young talent, and living the dream. He strive to lead the new generation by sharing his philosophy, and spreading global awareness that there is a new way to live. His main goal will always remain the same; to inspire others to wake up & follow their passions in life. In addition to running multiple businesses, Hai documents his life daily as a CEO through his social media channels which has more than 100 thousand followers across major platforms.

Hai Dinho started out on TikTok just for fun. He didn’t acknowledge the platform’s ability and potential but his perspective has matured after successfully building a loyal following within a short period of time. Dinho educates his viewers in regards to the crypto industry and entrepreneurship. Dinho studied the stats on his viral videos and wanted to help others out on his latest discovery to become viral back to back. Here is what TikTok influencer Hai Dinho found:

Dinho studied the stats on his viral videos and wanted to help others out on his latest discovery to become viral back to back.

Video Stats To Go Viral

Here are some insights to take into account when analyzing your videos: 

Under 30 seconds video

  • Over 100% watch time

14 seconds to 30 seconds video

  • 70% to 80% watch time
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Over 30 seconds video

  • At least 50%+ watch time

Video Hooks

Here are some hooks that will increase your audience retention rate to contribute towards you watch time:

  1. Find a solution to a problem
  2. First person narration
  3. Direct audience call out
  4. Question or scenario

Characteristics of A Viral Video

If you are a new or existing content creator, here are some tips to increase your chances of going viral:

  • Cliff Hangers: Whether you position your video informative or a story time, create mystery so viewers want to come back. People will comment for a follow up video if you leave their questions unanswered. 
  • Utilize Trending Hashtags: On the discovery page of TikTok, you’re able to see trending hashtags that you can apply. TikTok is basically telling you what is trending this week and by hopping onto a trend early you’re able to reap the rewards before it becomes saturated. 
Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.
  • Use Trending Sounds: TikTok has a variety of music and sounds to pick from and each sound could be used to rank your video on that trending sound. This is the same concept as hashtags. By applying both of these methods, It will increase your chances of going viral.

For more social media tips, follow Hai Dinho on instagram or email.