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Hair loss can cause a lot of trouble, such as loss of attractiveness and self-confidence. However, we all have access to modern approaches in medicine, which help evitate a big drama and bring back the beauty.Hair loss can drastically affect a patient's self-esteem and attractiveness. But the right option to manage this issue makes it not a big drama at all. Are you interested in finding a permanent and safe solution to your thinning hair? Consider a hair transplantation procedure. An experienced surgeon will move healthy hair follicles on your scalp to certain zones with thinning hair. Bookimed is a reliable medical portal based in Kyiv, Ukraine. You can get a detailed consultation on your issue with one of the Bookimed medical specialists. According to the patient's reviews, the No..1 destination for hair transplants is Turkey. According to the official stats of the Turkish HealthCare Travel Council, more than 750,000 medical tourists come to the country per year and 6,500 medical tourists per month.

To pick the best medical facility in Turkey for hair transplantation, read numerous patients' reviews and procedure-related articles on the Bookimed blog at A detailed description of the procedure, price comparison, and clinic overview will help you make the decision easier.

Why Should You Choose Turkey?

Turkish clinics have a huge advantage. Their surgeons have the needed skills and experience for transplanting healthy hairs without making you look unnatural. The secret is to create the hairlines and place the healthy follicles in the thinning zones. Once you are back home after the treatment, even an experienced hair stylist will not even notice that you have done something with your hair.

How To Choose the Right Specialist?

The final result of the hair transplantation procedure depends directly on the surgeon/clinic you choose. If you haven't experienced a hair transplant journey overseas beforeit is your first experience of a hair transplant journey overseas, it is difficult to make the right choice. That is why you should let Bookimed arrange your hair transformation journey. A medical coordinator will prepare all for you (appointment scheduling, booking, documents processing) free of charge. A Bookimed assistant will connect you with most experienced hair transplant technicians with proper licences and patient feedback to ensure getting an excellent outcome.But a key Bookimed coordinator’s role is that they will recommend to you only highly-skilled hair technichnicians with thousands procedures performed.

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What Should You Consider Before the Treatment?

  1. A patient will need to undergo a scalp exam and a blood test to identify the reason why your hair is thinning.
  2. Make sure you have enough healthy hair on your head, which will be used for transplanting to bold zones.
  3. Your should maintain a healthy lifestyle not to cause problems with health, which lead to thining hair in the future.

When Will You See the Results?

You will see the results in 6-9 months after the surgery. However, it is very individual, and some people will see a transformation in a year. It is essential to point out that all the transplanted hair falls out between 2-8 weeks after the hair transplantation surgery. It is a natural process that should not scare you. After three months, you will start noticing that your hair looks much thicker than before the surgery. You'll need to be a bit truthful to your surgeon. In some instances, a doctor may prescribe you medicine that aims to prevent new hair loss and keep your results permanently.

How Much Does a Hair Transplantation Cost in Turkey?

The price for hair transplantation in Turkey varies between $1,500 and $3,000. The final bill will depend on the number of planted hair follicles. In some cases, a surgeon has to plant up to 6,000 follicles. Only experienced doctors can perform such transplantation of bulbs just in a few sessions. Bookimed will help you to find the right clinic to have stunning results.

Start Arranging Your Hair Transformation Trip with Bookimed

Bookimed is a trustworthy medical tourism platform known all around the globe. It was founded in 2014. During all these years, the team works days and nights, helping manage health issues by arranging a medical trip globally at the advanced level. Bookimed’s core values are the health, beauty, and happiness of every client who sends a request. The platform deals with the best clinics/doctors to ensure the best results and patient satisfaction. 500,000+ people have already used the medical platform, and now it is your turn. Follow the steps to organize the most affordable trip:

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  • Visit the Bookimed site and submit your online request.
  • It is desirable to specify your health issue with precise details.
  • You will get forwarded to one of the Bookimed coordinators, who will study the online request.
  • You'll get a reply shortly.
  • You can check the list of available specialists and clinics.
  • Once you are satisfied with the offered program, your coordinator will start arranging the trip immediately.
  • You should not worry about your trip to a foreign country, as your Bookimed coordinator is available 24/7 until you come back home safely.