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When Warren Buffet said that “Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing”, it certainly could be used for Hariprasad K’s impeccably inspiring journey. His path to making a name for himself was covered with several obstacles. However, he sailed through all of that with his exceptional dedication, hardwork, and honesty, which has been his motto in life forever. As he climbed on each step of the mountain, that is share market, little achievements waited for him at every move which kept him going on the way. Hardwork and perseverance are remarkably the two prime instruments that he carried all along his path to unchanging passion. His will and determination stayed with him during his darkest days, which have made him what he is now. He had discovered his interests and skills very young in life and had always been fascinated by the stock market. Moreover, he still looks at the market and its new inclinations with child-like wonder in his eyes. Having said that, one must admit that he never ceases to transform every new change in the market to an opportunity for business.

Hariprasad K preaches honesty, hard work, and dedication, which can drive you to your destination.

Initially, manifold setbacks had crept in his way; however, Hariprasad K preaches honesty, hard work, and dedication, which can drive you to your destination. His approach and attitude towards his goal is always the highlight of his journey. Coming from a man who is living his dream, hard work and honesty can very well work as primary ethics for all the aspirants out there who want to make it big. He is indeed a person to take inspiration from; after achieving countless feats, he now wants to help the people out there, curious about this profession, by educating them, sharing his experiences and struggles, and paving a better road for fresh minds to climb the mountain without stones.

Before getting on independently with Live Long Wealth, he worked with few financial institutions which he credits to have given him a deep understanding of the mind-boggling field he was in and also gave him an upper hand in making the right decisions about trade and business. It was his experiences through the peak and valleys that made a wide-eyed and intriguing child into a successful and accomplished adult. As a child, he was always into the stock market and its working. He studied them earnestly and kept holding on to people with similar delights as him. This had inadvertently helped to arouse in him a fine professional meant for the market. Now, Live Long Wealth has a good amount of skilled employers who lay their trust in him and look up to him for guidance and support to conquer every difference and fluctuation in the share market. His target, for now, is to help each person attain financial independence in this highly competitive world, by educating them about the nuances and merits of the stock market.

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Hariprasad K realizes that the solitary way your fancies of well-to-do lifestyle and social position, can be executed is by following your passion. Making your passion your profession can create wonders in life and can take you to great heights without you feeling the weight on your shoulders. He pleasantly embraces his journey so far and sees a long road still ahead of him to cover, for the road to success in this profession doesn’t end!