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“Federal and state laws (should) be changed to no longer make it a crime to possess marijuana for private use.” ― Richard Nixon

As the perception regarding cannabis is rapidly changing, Americans expect changes in legislation to facilitate the nationwide commercialization of the plant previously classified as a Schedule I drug during the presidency of Richard Nixon. Henry Calix is an entrepreneur preparing for the inevitable and aims to solve the problems faced by a growing cannabis industry.

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Henry is the founder and CEO of Weedsies, an online marketplace exclusively catering to those who want to sell and consume the plant, which previously remained taboo in American society. Weedsies has established itself as a technology company redefining the US cannabis industry with innovation and technology. Henry launched the company’s website on 4/20/20 (Weed Day) and launched Weedsies Mobile on the same day in the following year.

Rather than seeing other shops and dispensaries as competition, Henry considers them potential clients and offers them to register as vendors on Weedsies Marketplace. What separates Weedsies from other online marketplaces in the industry is that through Weedsies Mobile, they also provide an offline retail avenue to generate a circle of purchases. Besides aiming to unite cannabis companies with private funding, Weedsies offers an online payment solution for the industry and even accepts cryptocurrencies.

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Born in Honduras, Henry came to the US when he was 12 years old. He grew up as an only child raised by his mother and had never met his father. After graduating high school in 2006, Henry attended Miami Dade College for two years while working at a local dry cleaner, his first job out of high school. He started his first business as a grant writing consultant, but it failed due to the 2008 and 2009 recessions. So in 2010, Henry went back to dry cleaning.

Working at a franchise dry cleaner first and then a local high-end dry cleaner, Henry built an online onboarding and full-training platform after teaching himself how to code and develop websites. He bought the domain from GoDaddy in 2017. After researching the cannabis industry and noticing the different regulations per state, Henry began building an online marketplace to solve the industry’s major problems.

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A pioneer in the industry’s growth, Henry has been nominated for Business Elite’s 40 under 40. The award gala will be held at St Regis in New York on June 30th. He credits his success to his consistency and shares that making a decision and sticking to it has helped him. He believes in learning to get things done and perfecting them instead of making them perfect before starting. After tirelessly working to achieve his goals, Henry has positioned his company to be the Amazon/Shopify for cannabis retailers and consumers awaiting the federal legalization of the industry.