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The myth that in order to succeed a person needs to have a higher education, has long been debunked by the examples of talented people who have achieved unprecedented heights without the crust (Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, etc.). But how did the fate of ordinary people who abandoned their studies in the university in their time?

Higher Education Not Essential
  • I'm 26, I have 27 flower shops. My success was helped by this phrase I heard when I was 18: "You're not a bad guy, but you don't have any money". And I started taking revenge. With $100 in my pocket and an old car, my classmate and I started delivering flowers. And 3 years later the girl - the author of this phrase appeared, but as it turned out, it was not worth it. I quit the institute on the 2nd course: one day it was necessary to pass the exam and pay the salary to the staff. I chose the second option.

God, only now I realized, having received two higher education, that I no longer need to get up at 7 am to study! Now I have to get up at 6:00 for work.

  • God, only now I realized, having received two higher education, that I no longer need to get up at 7 am to study! Now I have to get up at 6:00 for work.
  • In the second year, a teacher gave me a grade that can't be reevaluated (automatic discharge). I decided not to lose a year in vain and went into freelance, quickly grew up with clients. When it was possible to recover, I already had a constant income of $ 300-500. Returning to study, I realized that the institute limits my growth. I reached the fourth year and still haven't picked up my diploma. At that time I was already working in a promising studio in the circle of professionals, and it went... studio, startup, now a huge corporation. I do not remember the name of the teacher, but thank her, right from the bottom of my heart!
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  • I went to law school. While I was studying, I started working at a bank. In a year and a half, I went from a junior specialist to the curator of a whole direction. And that's when I didn't finish higher education. Soon I felt that I was not interested in the work. I sent the hell out of the bank and went online marketing. I was planning to study, but I realized I didn't need it, so I quit the university, continued to improve in a new specialty. In all my subsequent jobs, I was only once asked to get a degree, but I joked that I had lost it, and that was the end of it. They were more interested in my experience and knowledge, and when I provided them, the question of the diploma disappeared.
  • The students who graduated from the university and work in their specialty, like DiCaprio and the Oscar. There seems to be a higher education to get a job, but you still can't get one. At least, at the first time. Anyway, there is an opportunity if buying degrees online.
  • In 5 years I managed to work in 3 companies where I was run by people without higher education. And I, having even 2 higher education, was not even considered for any management position.
  • If you want to have your own business, you need a skill that is not usually taught in universities - the ability to make a choice and take responsibility for it. If you want to achieve heights, you need to work 12 hours a day (minimum), constantly study and stop doing nonsense. My path from university dropout to the owner of an advertising company took 6 years and includes work "for my uncle", a mountain of read books, a huge number of debts and risks, gray hair and the fact that I still can not say that I am confident in the future.